Claret & Gold Spey

Discussion in 'Patterns' started by speyman, Dec 2, 2004.

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    Here is a new pattern I developed based on the techniques used in the Autumns on the Spey patterns but using a new Antique Yellow color I just finished. The combination of copper and gold is hard for a Steelhead to resist. Of course the Golden Pheasant Tail wing is also hard to resist.

    Claret & Gold Spey by Jack Cook
    Hook – Alec Jackson Spey, Black
    Thread – Pearsall’s Gossamer #9, Black
    Tag and Underlayment – Flat Embossed Copper Tinsel
    Spey Hackle – Antique Yellow
    Rib – Oval Copper Tinsel
    Body –Ronn Lucas Iridescent Dubbing, Burgundy (Claret)
    Throat – Natural Guinea
    Wing – Golden Pheasant Tail


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    Absolutely drop dead beautiful flies (this thread and the other). Are you dying your own spey hackle? Whaht feathers are you using? Makes me want to get back to the bench. Very nice indeed.