Claret mohair yarn?

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  1. Does any body no where I can get some claret mohair yarn I have looked at a lot of cites and can't seem to find it help!
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    UNI has claret mohair on spools. I would think any fly supplier who sells UNI can help you. I also buy mohair in yarn shops, Joann's Fabrics etc. if that helps.
    NOTE: Instead of Claret, UNI calls it Wine.
    Caddisflyshop in Oregon has it.

  3. Still rather new to fly tying.. Why mohair? Can someone please post a fly that has been tied using this? Thanks
  4. There are a number of materials and techniques used to make leeches. Mohair is one of the best. Easy to tie, can be "picked out", and it moves and looks good when wet.
    I'm sure there are other brands besides UNI but it is the only one I am familiar with.
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  5. Try Wholesale Sports, I know we have some in magenta and I think's the house brand but good stuff.
  6. Where are you located? I bet a nearby fly shop has some or will order it it. I'm sure I've seen some at Worley Bugger here in Ellensburg.
  7. Also used in atlantic salmon flies. Of course, more modern uses are detailed above, including the woolly bugger variant.
    This one, while abysmally out of proportion (one of my early flies) has mohair wisps above the body sections. Many other salmon fly patterns use mohair dubbed for the body material.

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  8. Swede's (no longer) in Woodinville used to package mohair yarn themselves in tyer's quantities from bulk yarn.

    I miss Swede's.

  9. Sometimes I get mohair is small amounts from some of the Knitting Club ladies at a local senior center.
  10. Swede's is still around on North Ash in Spokane. Still a great shop for fly tiers. And to bring this reply back on topic . . .I would be shocked if Al didn't have some claret mohair around.
  11. You spend a lot of time there Jack? Maybe a little sit and be fit with the ladies? Ha, just giving you a hard time!
  12. Particks had it last time I looked
  13. I have a skien of Canadian Claret I am willing to give/send a couple of yards. PM me if your interested. Duane
  14. Would Pacific fly fishers carry the Uni mohair?
  15. Just got an order from J Stockard, ordered all colors and I now love this stuff. Super fast leeches are the best! Thanks for the heads up!

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