Classic/original steelhead spey fly swap

Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by Kevin Giusti, Dec 29, 2006.

  1. Ive been thinking of this one for a while. I know there is a winter and summer stealhead swap going on now but thought I would give this a shot. How about a 2 fly per person swap, one fly a classic spey of your choice and the other an original spey pattern. I would like to keep it to six people including myself so that leaves room for five more, that would make a dozen flies. If interested state which classic you will tie so we dont have doubles, first come first serve! I will be tying Walt Johnsons Deep Purple Spey been having some luck with it lately! Also Speykid I will leave a spot for you if you want it I know you may have some interest. Since the other swaps are running how about a due date in mid march. We can work out a more specific date when we get everyone in, see what works for all. Just thought I would see if there is any interest. Kevin
  2. For my origonal pattern I choose the DEMON spey and for the classic I think I will go with Jack Cooks Green highlander spey.
  3. I'm kind of a newbie to tying Spey flies, so I understand if you would rather I not join in on this one, but I think I do a decent job. I have a couple of creations to choose from and I can't remember the name of the clasic I would tie, but it is rather orange in color.

  4. I am in with a Purple King for the classic and a Frans Fancy for my original pattern.

  5. Mid March sounds good, I'm in. I'm not sure if it's considered a classic yet but I'd like to tie the Amethyst Spey and I haven't decided about the original yet.

    Steve S
  6. Ok Looks like we have four. Your in Willie, glad to have ya! Better post the name of your classic before it gets swooped on, I think I may know what it is but dont want to say... I know you will figure it out better get on it! So far we have:
    nrthcsteel- Deep Purple Spey
    Speykid- Jack Cooks green highlander spey
    Halcyon- Purple King
    Thanks for the interest guys. Looks like two more spots to go and three more choices on the classic! Kevin
  7. Steve s you beat me to it! Your in with the Amethyst Spey. Kevin
  8. So, I was thinking of the Akroyd, but can't find the dressing I liked, so how about the Red Shrimp Spey?
  9. Sounds good Willie your in with the red shrimp spey. So we Have
    nrthcsteel-Deep purple spey
    speykid-Jack Cooks Green Highlander
    Willie-Red Shrimp spey
    halcyon-purple king
    steve s-amethyst spey
    Theres one spot left Im off to bed. Early to rise to hit the river. Next one to post and name his classic will be in and since there are a few other swaps going on lets call it good with six. One classic and one original a dozen for each person. Will check in tomorrow evening after FISHING!!!!!!! Kevin
  10. If there's room, I'd be glad to join. I think I'll do some sort of red or orange spey to mix up the variety. Would a Lady Caroline and October caddis impersonation work for those already signed up for this swap?
  11. Ok looks like we got a swap here. Here is the official list
    nrthcsteel-Deep purple spey
    speykid- jack cooks green highlander spey
    willie bodger-red shrimp spey
    halcyon-purple king
    steve s-amethyst spey
    cameron derbyshire-Lady caroline
    That closes it up. Thanks for the interest guys should be a fun swap. Lets go with a march 15 deadline for now and if we all get a wild hair we can move it up if everyone agrees. Feel free to post any questions as well as pm me or email me also. I will post occasionally as a reminder. First one ready with there flies post and I will give you all my address. Good winter fishing to all and happy new year! Kevin
  12. Lady Carolines and October Caddises are done. All on a #2 Partridge N.
    nrthcsteel, post or PM an address and they'll be in the mail.
  13. Wow Cameron you dont mess around! Here is my address
    Kevin Giusti
    260 South Harrison Street
    Fort Bragg, California
    Cant wait to see your flies. Take Care All. Kevin
  14. Lady Carolines and October caddis spey are done and will be mailed tomorrow. I had a horrendous time with the bronze mallard. I haven't touched it in over a year since going back to school. With a few practice flies I was able to get both wings set fairly quickly. Pictures posted here and in my gallery.

    Lady Caroline

    October Caddis Spey
  15. Great flies Cameron. Looks like the swaps off to a great Start!!!! Kevin
  16. Hey Cameron flies arrived today and look great! I guess we will still call march 15th the deadline unless we all get a wild hair. Take care and good fishing. Kevin
  17. I've been unable to find usable wing material for the Amethyst Spey so I'm going to tie a Grey Heron for my classic spey. The original is still undecided.

    Steve S
  18. Just bumping up the post and reminding everyone it still looks like a mid march due date. Will keep post updated. Take care and good fishing! Kevin
  19. Hey all. Just a little reminder theres roughly three weeks left for the due date. I said march 15th but looking at the calendar thats a thursday so lets call march 17th which is a saturday as the due date. Gives you slackers a couple more days to put off tying(I include myself when I say slackers). Anyway get to tying and let me know if there are any questions or problems. So far Cameron has his flies in, nice flies to. good job Cameron. Kevin
  20. hey! I resemble that remark!
    This slacker is in the process of tying the Pryce-Tannatt version of the Purple King for the classic pattern. Then the Fran's Fancy for the original pattern will get tied. Will make the deadline God willling and the river don't fill with too many steelhead and springers ;)


    The Purple Kings are completed. Half of the Fran's Fancys are also now done. "We're gaining on it!!!!!"

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