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  1. wow WW,
    aside from enjoying your pix, you've showed me how much i need to get a decent camera and learn to use it!
  2. The camera I use is not that big of a deal really - Canon Power Shot A570IS - basically a fancy pocket camera. The box says 7.1 mega pixels and the camera is at least 4 yrs old I think. Most decent snapshot cameras will have a button for macro focus. On mine it is indicated by a flower icon. Some guys use a light box and lights. I just set my backdrop cloth on the dining room table, hold the back of it up with a pair of tall salt and pepper shakers, and shoot by the natural light coming in the windows.
  3. Hey Scott, I love those Landex reels! Or at least the idea of them...I've been too chicken to bolt one on a rod and go after some steelhead with it. I just worry about the anti reverse feature - it just seems too simple to actually work. Perhaps this winter I'll give this one a try.


    Or maybe one of these other ones...


    Oddly enough, I also have a little 3-1/2" narrow drum Landex suitable for trout fishing. Just not sure why you would ever need the AR for trout???

    Speaking of trout and red agates Here's a nice 3-3/8" Youngs Pattern 16A. Personally I think a plate wind reel is a little much for trout...But hey! If you got it, flaunt it! :)

  4. Nice reels WW.

    Here's the "little" brother to your 16A. It's the same reel, but made in 3-1/8" size.
    This one was made by Young for Allcock and features the "Stag" logo.
    For those that don't know, the 16A was Young's answer to the Hardy Perfect and is a very nice reel in its own right.
  5. I always knew I liked you Lonnie for more then cooking. I'm a freak for the classic Pfluegers too. All I use on my glass rods pretty much except some old SA's and a couple Martins.
  6. Ok, I lie. I do have a few old misc reels. Including some Ocean City, JW Young, and misc old flyreels. But most on my fenwicks are Pfluegers. Have an old skeleton bulldog on my Grandpas bamboo rod.
  7. it's tough to beat the durability and feel of that classic combo!
  8. Love this thread! And forgot about my St. John somehow.. actually need to build a rod for this reel, but will use it on my Buelah for now...

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

  9. Nice Hardy Bill! I own a few of the brand H reels - and will probably own a few more in years to come. Is that a 3-7/8"?

    Jerry mentioned Ocean City... The name has always been a mystery to me. These reels were made in Philadelphia, and last time I checked Philly wasn't anywhere near the ocean. They produced fly reels and level winds that I know of. It may be that spinning reels were also made but as this isn't my area of interest so I can't say for sure.

    One of the first vintage reels I ever picked up was an Ocean City '76' - found it at a garage sale and paid a couple of quarters for it. This led me to thinking about more reels that were as old as I was. And then the internet came...

    The Ocean City 35 and 36 along with the 76 and 77 employ a stamped caliper spring and pawl with an on/off feature. The 76 and 77 also uses a center drag that tightens the spool down against a felt washer at the base of the spindle.

    Stamped caliper drags are simple, effective, and cheap to produce. But to me they seem to lack the smoothness you find in many other designs - at least with these Ocean City examples.

    Ocean City 35 and 36 - neat visual appeal!


    Ocean City 76 and 77. Note the two badges on the backplate. One is fixed and reads the company brand. The other is adjustable and stamped with the old line designations. This allowed you to in effect 'label' the reel with the line type.

  10. WW, you're actually misthinking which end of PA Philadelphia is in. It's just over an hour to the ocean from there (would be like someone in Olympia making a reel for Westport). Plus, it's near Cheasapeake Bay too. I did a little fishing when I stayed there (I was actually in Roxbury Township, NJ, which is right across the border from Philadelphia). So it's relatively close. :)
  11. Ack! My bad! I was thinking of Pittsburg...:)
  12. WW - yes my St John is 3 7/8ths.
  13. Well, now that my geography lesson is over it's time for some more reels! :)

    These next two set off my 'oddball meter' - not so much because of their looks but because of their function. They look like automatics, but are what I consider semi-auto reels. Giving the lever a pump towards the handle gives the spool only 2-3 turns instead of winding in the whole line. The lever also doubles as a braking mechanism. A neat concept but I think it has some problems. You could use the feature to retrieve the fly instead of stripping in line, but then you would have to strip it all back off the reel to recast.

    A note of interest is that both of these reels were made in Chicago - wherever the hell that is...

    The Pachner and Koller, (P&K) Retreevit:


    This one is is the Fly Champ by Champion Sports Equipment Co. It functions just like the P&K but has an additional feature in that the lever will fold into the reel out of the way.

  14. Quick geography lesson. Chicago is near a lake. I heard its pretty GREAT. ;)

    I have to do some stuff outside. May go through my stuff if I can find some of the old reels.
  15. Classic Reels-Blue Collar

    Here's another "blue collar" reel marked "X-Pert". Although I don't know who made the reel for them, this was a brand used by Sears-Roebuck. The trio I found seperately over the years and included reel lube and line cleaner in addition to the reel w/agate line guard. They also offered a bamboo rod with the same logo/brand.
    I sold this trio a few years back to fund some other reels.
  16. Classic Reels-Blue Collar

    Another St. John pic.

  17. Hey Greg, I've seen those reels before but I'm not sure who made them. Your thumbnails don't blowup very large for some reason.
    From what I can make out the reel appears to use the same agate mounting as the old Russells and DAMs.
  18. Yeah, I noticed that after I posted. I don't know why the attachments aren't showing up larger.
    The agate bezel appears nearly identical to the Russell as you noted, but not quite the same as the DAM reel you posted aphot of.
    I'll try to see if there's a way I can post the photos larger to show more detail.
  19. Deleted (can't get it to link!!!)
  20. Third time's a charm... old Sears, Roebuck "X-Pert" fly gear.
    Had to photo the originals off my computer screen so lost some detail, but they're larger now.

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