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  1. Mark, do you fish those things? If not, send them north. I'll fish the hell out of them!
  2. It's not nice to ridicule the less fortunate.:rolleyes:
  3. It ok Mark, Ed is a little "less fortunate" if you know what I mean.
  4. Well played sir, as you well know, it takes the less fortunate to recognize the less fortunate! I figure in Mark's hands those gems get polished and pampered. In my hands I'll at least try to put them onto reel seats and bang them on the river bed rocks.
  5. What's a reel seat?
  6. :rofl::rofl::rofl: This guy has got to get out and fish more :rofl::rofl::rofl:
  7. An alternate display method! :)

    Very nice bunch-o-reels Mark.
  8. :rofl: Good come back _WW_!:rofl:
  9. Right now, all my rods have medalists on them.... not sure if thats good or bad but when 6 of them are lying around... might as well use them!
  10. Make no mistake about it Jacob, having Medalist reels on your rods is a GOOD thing!!!!! :thumb:
  11. I'm with bitterroot.
    Medalists work great for most applications. I've never been let down by any of mine, while I've had Lamsons blow up on me.
  12. Something from France

    Well...there aren't any pictures on this page so here goes...

    L. M. Dickson #106 Maginot

    This reel pegged my 'oddball meter' all the way into the red. I didn't need any verification to know that it came from France - its looks gave it away. A classic reel? Probably not, but it is kinda cool looking.

    These are multiplyers at around 4:1. On the take up, the line goes over the top of the spool rather than underneath. I've noticed this characteristic with a few other European reels. I'm not sure why they were made this way, but it does save them putting in an idler gear.



  13. Another product from J. W. Young and Sons from 1945-47.
    The Freedex - A reel meant to double as a clicking fly reel or as a free spinning centerpin type reel, with the bonus feature of an anti-reverse handle. It also has what today is called a large arbor. ;)
    This example measures 3-3/4" in diameter

  14. Just to add a few nice old reels i found here and there:





    they are called the Orvis SSS (AR) one is an AR multiplier too
    Built like a truck, yet light; 9 1/4oz. for an 11/12 and 8 1/2 oz. for a 9/10
    they work great on my 9 weight single hander and 7 and 10 double hander
    the big one has a grandspey 9/10 on it, with 300yard 50lb braided backing so about everything will fit this reel :cool:

    more pictures at:
  15. Very nice! I don't think I've seen that many of those all in one place! :)
    Someone once told me that doctors can cure this illness. That may very well be, but I think it's cheaper to just keep buying reels!
  16. Hi,

    Thank you!

    I could go to a doctor about this issue, my brother for instance, but he collects old cars in his spare time....
    so im pretty safe with this here collection ;-)

    Believe it or not i'm still spare spools/reels short... I do believe every line you intend to use, must be on a reel, otherwise i notice i dont bother with the line...
    I need to stop buying lines :D
  17. Were these reels made in Brazil?

  18. hi,

    No they were built back in the day in argentina, back when STH still did know a thing or 2 about making great reels!

  19. Huib

    Thanks, STH is the company I was thinking of. They did as you say "know a thing or two about making great reels". Sadly, they are on a different path now.

  20. yes sadly, the orvis presentation is such a reel as well, a classic beauty, a shame one doesnt hear from them any more, they deserve a spot up there with the CFO

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