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  1. Wow, 30+ years? That reel looks brand new!
  2. Re: Hardy St. John. Yes, in good shape. I use a lot and baby it. Can be a knuckle buster sometimes.
  3. Am currently winding up another 90 days on the road, this time in Oxford Ala,. and one of my coworkers this morning hands me a Ted Wiiliams 135 and asks me what it's worth. Seems our resident picker gave it to him just before he left for vacation, and only knows it's an old fly reel.

    So, being the only guy in the team that fly fishes, they turn to me. Honestly i'm caught flat footed. I know it wuld look great on a classic bamboo rod, but that's it.

    Where can i find more information on this reel? i was able to tell that it's probably a Martin contract reel, and that's about it.

    So, i'm asking the group for help becuase i know there's more of a classic reel brain trust here than anyplace else.
  4. Thank you, these 3 links will help a lot more than some might think.
  5. I believe that is a Martin MG9 or maybe one size smaller, maybe aan MG10. Regardless, They are stalwart and sturdy reels and top end sale is usually about fifty bucks. They are well worth it and yes they are really good reels
  6. Recent Arrival

    This is one that I recently aquired from a seller in France. I've spent a couple of weeks researching this one as it is a little outside of what I normally collect.

    This design was first made as far back as 1903, but went un-named until about 1916. The gun metal finish featured on this reel was discontinued around 1924 which give this sample an eight year window of manufacture...give or take.

    The Portage 'Seminole' - an early effort from what we now know as Pflueger.



  7. nice find!!! will you use it or admire it only?
  8. I'm thinking I can spool up a 3wt line on it and at least try it a couple times. After that novelty wears off I will either display it for awhile and then sell it so someone else can enjoy it.
  9. WOW... what a cute nice reel... would be wonderful to find one for my fiberglass!! very cool WW
  10. Wayne,

    That one is in beautiful condition especially considering it's crossed the pond - twice!
    Itis easy to see the Pflueger lineage in the handle, reelfoot, etc.
    Nice score!
  11. I recently found a Stuart reel to mount of my Horrocks-Ibbotson Buddy solid glass rod.
  12. Nice find Dave! I've got a couple of Stuarts that I've yet to photograph...if I remember right that model is one of them.
  13. looks nice! never seen this before, do you have more photos (maybe of the internal works as well?)
  14. Cool. I like the black face on yours. That would look sharp on my Buddy too but I think I still would prefer my all silver one as the blank on the Buddy is the same color.
  15. I don't fish it. A friend of mine in Florida gave it to me. if i were to put it to use it'd pair it with a Heters 8'6" fiberglass rod I started with years ago.

  16. That would be a nice pair if you did.

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