Clay's Bamboo rods.

Discussion in 'Spey Clave' started by Panhandle, Jun 8, 2011.

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    oh it definitely throws tips. and depending on the line being thrown, it can throw them really well. the airflo skagit switch 540 turns that rod into a winter coastal machine for intruders and T16. heresy...such a dirty thing to do with a classic cane rod isnt it? ;-)

    you know, like Grace Kelly in reverse cowgirl. while watching adult swim. in a tub of mud.
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    Like what Brian says... it throw tips very well...

    for the dirty I was using it with some really big and heavy striper flies with T14.
    I have fish this rod all day without any problem... One of the benefits of using skagit style (Ed Ward's style) is to exert less physical effort, but get the fly out there... the same reason that I am still using the Loomis Dredger 6/7 12'6.
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    Good things come to those that wait...wish I had any semblence of patience but it is what it is..
    Well, I guess it's time to start the process and do some talking with him...looks like I'll have plenty of time to decide...Unless someone is interested in...oh never mind, that ain't going to happen!!!
  4. Eric Tarcha gear whore

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    oh my god, i really did not need to find out about these rods....
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    Per the subject matter...
    I know this is a re-post, but if ever one was worthy, this one is- What a great piece on a very cool family-
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    I've been out with Brian a few times, and it seems everytime for the past year or so, he has had Clay's Riverwatch 12'(?) bamboo with him. Anyway, Last fall, I tried casting it and I didn't really like it. I really didn't know what all the hype was. Well, after being an apprentice under Master Chou, and being able to cast much better.... I recently Tried the rod out again. The thing was awesome!!! The magical spell of the Bamboo Cupid put an arrow deep into my Spey Brain. Not sure what Brian had on the rod, but it launched sink tip and all.

    My take/impression is the rod loads different and the "feel" is "numbed". You form your D loop and then don't realy feel the rod load like you would graphite, but then you cast your forward stroke and it has this reserve power that launches the line. The whole time I was thinking, "how the hell did I just do that?... Must be a fluke". Then I would do it again and again. Now I want one.
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    I don't have one of Clay's rods, but instead have an old Sharpe's. The casting stroke is different from graphite but something you can work out with a little time. The weight of the rod is another matter however. It is too tiring for me. So much so that I doubt I will fish very much with it - if at all.
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    Well I certainly like my 12'1"-7/8 Suskwa 6 sided rod. I like it so much I have a 13' 6 sided 8/9 being made. I will only have the spliced joints. It takes me a bit to tape it up because my hands hurt from arthritis but I leave mine together and hang it on the beam over my head. I can just look up and see it several hundred times aday which pleases me a great deal.

    On my 7/8 a 400 scandi or a 450 skagit head is very nice. I think it is a great stick for skating dries. My Olson gear and pawl reel weighs 10.2 oz empty and with a 125yds of 30#, a Ridge running line and a Compact scandi head it balances just right.
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    Yes the splice joints are killer. When I get one, I will only have the splice joints as well. Works of art themselves.

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    well I contacted Bob and got all the details..was ready to send in my deposit and then spend a lonnng year waiting...Stupid me!! I left the website open on my wife looked at it and asked "Are you really thinking your going to spend 2300 on a fly rod? What planet do you live on?"...Well correcting her that it was only 2030 didn't really help..and being reminded we have three kids in college etc. etc.

    Oh damn it.....How do woman in my life always turn around every good decision I make into a bad and selfish one?...the humility of it all...:)
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    Golf you can always pull the "investment" card. Tell her that the rod will only appreciate in value and that some day someone will pay you $4000 for that rod. Like you will ever sell it but it worked for me on a rare Abel.
  13. James Mello Inventor of the "closed eye conjecture"

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    Or family Heirloom.... Something to pass to next generations... It might make her weeping thinking of that kind of nostalgia
  14. Thomas Mitchell Active Member

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    That's the one I use. "This will be Angus' rod/reel someday."

    That and I moved my computer and gear to the room with my tying stuff that she avoids due to the smell...
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    Golf, brother... Read and learn-

    " Honey, I sold two ( You should sell a couple, if you sell a burkey, pm me :)) spey rods and got enough for over half ( slight mis truth) of the cost of the new cane rod. I have a year to pay for the other half, by then I'll work extra hard mowing lawns and delivering newspapers, what ever it takes, and what I don't make up for when the rod is done, I'll sell a reel or something to make up the difference"....

    Perfect, it's wortha shot-
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    Lol...It's not so much that as trying to convince her that there is ANY rod worth that kind of money!! and I'm not about to say.."well damn, you should see what I got in reels"....I'm playing the sympathy card now.."you know it's fathers day coming?" got an Ipad you don't know how to use...what's a rod I can pass down to the kids and grandkids?....Well that got a good laugh out of the family..which was hard as the nooks were choking hard at the time...then my daughters retarded fiance had to chim in with.."I can't believe they make rods that that's crazy"...freaking yellow raincoat and toolbox coffee grinder fishing gear douche....

    Oh day it will happen...might be sooner, might be later....Funny, I got a sweet almost new burkie that would be perfect for you guys on the CW too....hmmmmm....:)

    Of course if someone has a 12' 7/8 and they were interested in selling???
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    Rookie mistake. Leaving your computer on with the site in plain view. I'm surprised at you. Frankly, a little disappointed.
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