Cleaning a Stanchion block

Discussion in 'Watercraft' started by cmann886, May 13, 2011.

  1. I acquired a couple of scaefer clamp-on stanchion blocks to use on an anchor system on a raft frame. One of the blocks had a stickey residue on it and I can't get it to turn freely. The other one is like a roller blade wheel it turn so easily. I've tried soaking it in acetone overnight, hot water, WD-40, tooth brush, Q-tip, all of the above again and still can't get it to turn freely. :beathead: Does anyone have any other suggestions? The residue on the block's housing has come off without any problems, but the bearings still seem to be sticking.
  2. I finally tried using a poly rope spliced into a loop after it was threaded through the block, used a drill with a buffer as a wheel and spun the pully as fast as I could and spraying the bearing with a carb cleaner. (toluene, acetone, and other chemicals) After several minutes, things freed up quite a bit. Following the cleaning and air drying I used some WD-40. It still isn't as good as new but a remarkable improvement from what it was.

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