Clear Cure Goo Clouser Minnow

Discussion in 'Fly Tying Step by Step / Video' started by Waters West, Dec 16, 2012.

  1. Waters West New Member

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    Here's a video Chris put together messing around with Clear Cure Goo and Steve Farrar's Flash Blend.

    Hope you enjoy.

    Waters West Fly Fishing Outfitters
    Port Angeles, WA
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  2. JonT Member

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    I dunno, in the time that took, I could have tied 5 actual Clouser minnow flies.
  3. Norm Frechette Active Member

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    nice video but kinda dark. need more light
  4. porterHause Just call me Jon

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    Says the guy who just posted a ridiculously intricate krill pattern lol.

    I like the bulk on this fly. I also agree with norm... need to light that vise from the front. Too much shadow to see all the detail.
  5. JonT Member

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    I fish Clousers.