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  1. couple weeks ago i got to use jason's 6wt spey paired up with a scientific anglers click pawl made by hardy. the scream of the reel and the lack of drag added another element to hooking, playing, and landing the sacred steelheadz and that i found pretty sweet. i know nothin about them. what to look for, etc. just lookin to match somethin up to my echo sr 8wt

    shawn your reel was sick! i heard that thing loud and clear when that fish blew up on your dry. what was that thing??

    lookin to stay relatively cheap for now. when i get deeper into speyfaggery things may change. fancy hardy's, hats, cigars and scraves may or may not come into play. but for now around $200 is legit. or less. but that never happens.

    ps. i feel very ashamed.

  2. You can still find a Hardy Viscount on E Bay for under two hundred. Look at size, the reel is a click pawl in a rust brown. I owned one ten years ago or better on a sage brown 9140. Good reel then it sold for 100 bucks now 150-200 used. Just seen one last week on the bay.
  3. I recently got a JW Youngs 1535 and Shakespeare Beaulite. Awesome sound, within your price range. I bet a WTB in the classified section could help you find one of your own. I fished with Ben today and he had such a fine older reel with a wonderful fill the valley sound when his drag was going out. Mine has only made noise as I've stripped out line to cast...eventually I hope to hear mine being stressed too.
  4. hmmm i'll check it out. thanks guys!
  5. spey co symmetry skagit. Go to the spey company website, click on videos and scroll down to the prototype pawl test at the bottom and crank your volume. A little more than 2 bills but I like running straight headers.
  6. I think there is a large group of click pawl afficionatos out there. I started with some Marquis Salmon reels and have never looked back. For steelheading, I don't think you need anything else.

    Do I speak hearacy? Funny how the FF marketplace seeks to convince everyone you need a superduper drag reel $$$ that can stop a mack truck. I've had disc drag reels fail me. Not a click pawl.

    There is a major difference with watching a fish run vs where most people with disc drags have the drag torqued so high that they are simply playing tough-o-war in one spot. If the tug is the drug, the run is extacy.

    I've now matched a St Aiden to a light weight spey and face the challenge of landing by palming the inside of the reel.

    I truly believe you need no more drag than a click pawl for most all NW fishing.


  7. siiiiiiick! speyco! that was it. couldnt remember the name, just the sound. im gonna check it out.
  8. Spey Co is a sweet reel but it is heavy. If you like a setup heavy in the butt, Spey Co is a good choice. I like my setups balanced but as light as possible. That Z-Axis setup you used is one of the lightest and balanced 12'6" Skagit 450grain setups available.

    There are many options in many different weights. The Marquis and Sci Anglers By Hardy are at the lighter end of the click spectrum whereas the Spey Co is at the heavy end. If you like a heavy reel it is all preference.

    All the good steelhead swingers I know setup their drags just enough to avoid overrun if they don't have a click. It will even land you more fish if the hook hasn't found the bone and it just lets you enjoy that fish that can be so rare in a bad luck streak.

    I have seen the reel you were using sell with a spare spool for 135 USD. It is very affordable and that is why I have it and I a would guess it would be a fine fit to your Echo SW. If you want to know more details about alternatives shoot me a PM. I have researched a lot that reel stuff.

    Don't feel ashamed bro! Just enjoy your time on the river and have it your way!

    Everyone is at least a little bit speyfag. :)
  9. Sean,

    I agree with mumbles, JW Young is fair cheap if you can find one.... see the link video of Lee Wulff...
  10. Go for it Sean- those Hardy marquis/sci anglers system reels are hard to beat, The palming rim makes for a very easy transition from the disc drag world. There are two different versions though: a good one (double pawl, metal springs) and a not so good one (single pawl, plastic spring), so be careful.

    The Youngs are good, and cheap - made under several trade names as well.

    There are a few low cost options out there. More in the smaller sizes. What size are you looking for?

  11. Sometimes you guys scare me. you talk about the going back to click and pawl and then about keeping he price down and then have only $200 to spend, Wow! One of the best and has probably landed more fish than will ever be landed by these new expensive models is the Pflueger medalist. Very few problems if any and still less than $40 and $13 for extra spools and that's for new ones. Finding something really worth what they're charging these days is the hardest part of all. Of course the well dressed fisherman has to have the labels showing the right stuff or he's not to be taken as a serious fisherman. Yes I like to have better stuff too, but better not more popular, and within reason. Sorry for this rant but I try to buy what I need not what looks pretty, cause I can't afford it and I love to fish when I can. I'm just another grouchy old man. Bob Sorry Jim if I used your title without your ok.
  12. I tried the spey thing for a while. While I was using a broom stick, I had a half way good reel an Okuma Intergity. Under 100 smakers at most places.

    My rod was a St croix 9/10. A 14' rod that wasn't light.

    But alas I gave it all up for my 8wt. I found out that I didn't need to fish on the other side of the Skagit when the fish were also on my side.

  13. Yeah, click pawls are classic and sound awesome. The JW Youngs can be had for under $100. There was one on ebay a few weeks ago that never got bid on. I picked up a 3 1/4" Sharpes of Aberdeen recently for $60 for my 5wt spey and landed a steelie on it a few weeks ago on the Ronde. Really no drag to speak of and no rim to palm. Just apply pressure to the rear of the spool as the fish takes line. They look a lot like a hardy and can be switched from left to right retrieve. There were about 3 different size ones listed on spey pages a few weeks ago for around $80 a piece. I think they are a good buy.
  14. i think on the switch i should probably stay on the light end of things. it will spend its share of time nymphing. with all the mending and high sticking lighter is probably better. (click pawl nymph rig, thats so evil)

    ill save some pennies for the speyco to outfit the 8wt skagit rod i want to start putting together.

    jason i'll call you probably next week to talk reels. thanks guys!
  15. Now we're talking my language!

    An old ABU


    The venrable Young's Beadex in 3-3/4". Built like a tank and still tight after 60 years. You can pick up two or three of these on ebay for under $200! Just be careful...the older ones are properly built right hand wind ONLY. PM me to tell the difference.


    Simple and elegant. The Gordon 3-1/2"


    Ronde Steelie on a Sage 7136 and a 4" Beaudex


    And why limit it to steelhead. Resident and lake trout like a little clicker too!
    A 3" Dingley.



    And a 3-1/2" Gilmour.


  17. If you go to tjs bear den and look at classic fly reels the have some that are made oversea. They look like a ST. George. I have the #2 and getting a #3. They have Salmon reels for around $160.00 new.
    I love mine and I have only heard great thing about them from other site. Look then up!
  18. Sean,

    First of all, there ain't no such thing as a click pawl reel in as much as there is no such part to be found on any of them called a "click." Click is the sound made by as spring and pawl reel as the pawl drags across the gear wheel under the tension provided by the spring.

    That said, you've got some good suggestions in this thread. I haven't found the Hardy Viscount that easy to find in steelhead sizes. I have 3 of the Viscount Salmon reels and am actually partial to them above the Marquis Salmon No. 2 even tho Viscounts are cheaper reels. I'm an advocate of inexpensive fly tackle when it suits the purpose, and use a few $20 - $50 trout reels, but other than the Pflueger Medalist, decent steelhead reels are never cheap. Even the less expensive old brands go for a serious piece of change when I look on Ebay.


    Nice collection you have there, and it looks like you take good care of them as well.

  19. Well said! Sg,

    I agree, there are more interesting reels than Marquis,
    I have a smaller Allcocks reel. solid biult from 1930'. It is also a true large arbor reel, stop hard running fish just fine...

  20. If you like the classic looking pawls with a big scream, check out William's reels (Inland). 'Olsen reels.' I'm sure he'd be happy to build one for $200.00 ;)

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