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  1. Hey WW, I'm not expert, but after looking at ebay and other places at these reels, I think that picture is a 4" beaulite salmon (young or shakespear).

    I just picked up a 1540 for under $100, and a 4" beaudex for $15. See how they are once I receive them. I may have the start of another addiction...
  2. I have a 1540 and love it . I prefer it over my Hardy Salmon # 2 . The JW is sturdier , heavier , and LOUDER .

    I also prefer it over my Sage 3600D , which cost me about seven times what I payed for the 1540 .
  3. Nope...I don't have a Beaulite. It's a 4" Beaudex which dates from before the Beaulite, in fact I believe the Beaudex evolved into the Beaulite when the market started demanding lighter reels for the graphite rods. Here is a closeup of it:

    In fact I'm pretty partial to's a few of the ones I have:

    I also use a few of the Pridex models which are the same reel without the tension regulator...great dryline reels!
  4. Beauchamp, for what what line size?

    Click pawl/spring pawl reels are great fun, by the way; though I like my large arbor reels, I'm starting to go retro on some of my sticks . . .
  5. Ahh, that explains it. Seems someone messed with the tension lever on this reel. NO wonder I got it for so cheap.

  6. you have a Pridex!
  7. uh oh, pridex goeth before a fall.

    These bad boyz have a nice LOUD sound. Unfortunately it has been me pulling out the line so far and not a steelhead...someday!
  9. How big is the 1535 in real world sizing/weight? I know it's a bit heavy, but is it too much for a 12'6" 5/6 spey?
  10. Mulligan, I think it is 4" maybe even 4 1/4" and you are right it is heavy. I'll try to remember to measure it when I get home. Personally I think it would be a bit much on my 6126, but that is just my inexperienced opinion. I think it best suited for a bit longer/heavier rod. Being a standard arbor you can get ALOT of backing on this reel. I've been using it on my 8wt. What do the real spey gurus think?
  11. I use a 1535 on my 13' 7-wt. and it's a good match. It's big enough to work on bigger, heavier rods than that.

    For my 6126 I use a St. John with shooting heads. It is sized right for those lines, but I don't think it would hold a short belly line. The 1535 is way too big and heavy for this rod.

    If you want a click/pawl reel for your 5/6, and use Scandi lines, a St. John or St. Aiden would fill the bill.

    If you want a JW Young, you might check out the 1530. It's similar to the 1535, but 3.5" in diameter and has a wide drum.

  12. What would be the difference in value (double pawl, metal springs) to (single pawl plastic spring) I would also assume you dont get the same outgoing click from a plastic spring?
  13. Value is a slippery slope! These used/vintage reels are worth what people are willing to pay at the time they are for sale. I have paid anywhere from $20 - $80+ for Young reels in identical cosmetics and mechanics. I see some of them sell for much more.

    Once the name Hardy is applied to a reel add some dollars - sometimes BIG dollars.

    I have a Viscount with the plastic 'O' spring and a conventional looking pawl. It clicks right along but the click drag was weak and the reel tended to over-run at every opportunity. I modified it with a piece cut from an A-1 steak sauce bottle cap and now it works fine. I'm sure other bottle caps would suffice for this fix...

    Pictures to follow when I get the time...right now I'm going fishing!
  14. Ahhh, click Pawl. How many times have I read about how someone likes to have their disc drag reel "serviced"? Service a reel? Replace the pads? Lord. One reason I took up this sport is because nothing breaks (well, almost nothing).

    Click pawl rules. I even chase steelhead with a Hardy Princess, sticking my fingers into the guts of the spool to slow the fish down. But I don't rely on just that. I play the fish by putting different amounts of the bend in the rod (which is also part of the drag I'm putting on the fish).

    Click pawlers are becoming a bit of a cult group, which is OK by me (except when I become a little too cocky about it).

    Plus click pawl afficionados like to tweak the springs on their click pawl for just the right feel. Cool.

    Plus, you save money for other important things, like beer.
  15. :rofl:I always thought that click pawl guys just could not figure out how to tighten the drag knob!:rofl:
    Just kidding of course. I've got some small and large reels in click pawl and others with drags. I'll admit
    I love each and every one of them.
  16. Like I said - value is what it is worth to you.
    Here's a Viscount with the synthetic spring and plastic cam - complete with my bottle cap fix:


    And here is a pic of a Marquis Salmon #2 I pinched from the web, as I don't own one. Metal, metal everywhere...
  17. And here is a picture of what they have done to the Salmon Marquis #2.
    Plastic, plastic everywhere...


    It's a cryin' shame...
  18. Interesting photos WW. I'm pretty sure my Salmon Viscount has a spring and pawl (no fucking click - there ain't no such part called a "click") just like the Salmon II. I'll check them both tonight just to make sure my memory isn't playing tricks on me.

  19. Nice post WW. Im getting a ton of knowledge from this thred I might even try to get me a click pawl reel some day.
  20. Come on Sg, spring and pawl, pawl or click pawl...does your spring make a lever cross a gear and make a noise? Is it a Boing Pawl? There is no part of a reel called a palm, yet there is a palming rim. I'm just a dumb newbie who has a couple of nifty click pawl reels. I'm not trying to get anyone upset. Is it a graphite rod or a graphite impregnated epoxy filled fiberglass rod?
    Just yanking your chain.:)

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