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Discussion in 'Spey Clave' started by Sean Beauchamp, Nov 13, 2009.

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    Probably been said (at least two or three times) but what 'bothers me' about Hardy reels is the cost vs what really has to be the 'manufacturing costs.' I have NO PROBLEM with folks making a profit, but I suspect even the Mafia would like to be in on this 'spread.'

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    I don't have a bone with Hardy. Last time I counted I have six of them. Just not fond of the style of check used in the second Marquis I posted...plastic cam, plastic/synthetic 'O' ring that it adjusts.
    The reel I have with that style of check had to be modified to operate properly. The design failed and to their credit they quit using it. The intention of the posts were to make people aware that they might want to get a look at the insides just so they know exactly what it is they're buying. I see a lot of Marquis reels listed with no pics of the check...buyer beware.
    As for keeping up with what Hardy does, there is a thread on a different forum about Bougles and their different handles and reels seats on the same series.

    Young and Dingley supplied reels for a host of other companies. Most Dingleys are stamped inside but Young simply badged the reels with the buyers stamp or label and didn't put their own mark to them. A common practice back in the day and one that Hardy has done a little bit of themselves. Hardy reels are nice and I've only worn out one of them...but are they 400% nice?

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    Im aware of the supplying of reels for other companies. Fish several examples myself. Theres also quite a few threads on this other forum with titles such as "Dingley checks" "youngs checks" "farlows checks" Dingley seats" "Dingley handles" etc. etc.......