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  1. "should" - that will never enter into the picture.
  2. AKPM -
    Since it is my understanding that none of Alaska's steelhead rivers, as well as most of BC's rivers are not managed in season they all should be closed to all fishing as well?

    tight lines
  3. None of Alaska's steelhead runs are managed actively, or managed for harvest. Also none of the steelhead streams have a few million people within striking distance of them. We have a huge data hole up here, we should be collecting data, and our runs on the road system could be in trouble, but we really have no clue at all, which in my mind is illegal.

    The skagit, we have from my understanding pretty dang good data for a long time, enough data to set an escapement goal and a commercial harvest strategy, couple that with intense fishing pressure where even C&R fishing can impact the fishery, and its utterly ridiculous. The skagit clearly has in season management strategies (ie closing the fishery in season) but no in season data to back those decisions up. Using forecasts to manage a fishery in season is ludicrous on both sides, if you get more fish regs should be liberalized, if you get less regs should be restricted, forecasts area almost always wrong. Especially with a fish with such a complex life history as steelhead. Even so, to open a fishery if the lower end of the escapement goal is not going to be met is insane.

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