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Discussion in 'Fly Tying' started by deaddrift, Feb 6, 2004.

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    One dude says the clouser rides upside down in the water because, as it sinks, the heavy eyes on top of the hook shank turn it around.
    The other dude says that the bulk of the hair under the shank cause the hook to ride upside down.

    Hair or weight of the eyes?

    Who's correct?
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    The eyes have it! The Clouser Minnow is a jig.
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    Just finished tying a bunch of LaFontaine's rollover scuds which I would argue prove that it is the weight on one side of the hook shank.
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    Its the lead eyes got Clouser tying lessons from my fly shop owner this winter who got his from Mr. B. Clouser himself.

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    Might depend upon how you tie it, but I've found success in tying them so sparsley that it really couldn't be the hair, would just about have to be the eyes.

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    It really is three things
    Although the lead eyes play the bigger part, the proportion of material on the top versus the bottom of the hook plays a big part. The other consideration is the gauge of hook wire. A heavy wire hook will tend to create a keel and counter-act the lead or brass eyes.
    If any of you would like to test this, simply tie a fly with nothing but a substantial 'beard' of bucktail, it will flip over. This is why bonefish flies are often tied with a heavy beard and no eyes for skinny water (Bonefish Speacial). This should be taken in consideration when we tie flies that we want to flip over, try tying a sparser belly (top of shank) on your clousers and they are more likely to swim correctly.
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    on his website Clouser states that the weight of the eyes cause the hook to turn upside down. You'd think he'd know.
    However, Popovics, who did extensive study on it for his book "Pop Fleyes", states that the eyes will only turn the fly if the fly is tied really sparsely with hardly any hair on the shank.
    With normal or heavily tied flies, he maintains that the location of the hair on the shank is the predominant factor affecting the hook. And, since clousers are tied with the majority of hair under the shank - this causes the hook to travel upside down.
    According to Popovic the 'eyes' don't have it!
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    both but the eyes do more. the placement of the eyes affect the swimming action of the clouser. have them toward the middle and it swims . have the eyes toward the eye and the clouser will dip more. certain fish like one more than the other except saltwater bottom fish because they will eat anything and they do not care.