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Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by Daryle Holmstrom, Jun 6, 2007.

  1. Two days to go, still looking for flies from Obi, James, and the hendersonbay guy. If you need my address for the snail:

    Daryle Holmstrom
    2002 E. Section St.
    Mount Vernon, WA 98274
  2. I screwed up and ran out of head cement last week and was out of town until today. I'll get em out Priority tomorrow morning. Sorry guys.
  3. Flies will be sent out today!!!
  4. Got Bobs (obi) and hendersonbaylocal flies today, great ties. Just James to go, everyones going to get a nice assortment.

  5. Daryle,

    I will put in $2 in the mail tomorrow!! Didn't have the money at the time.
  6. Dilemma,

    Haven't heard from James yet and I see he hasn't logged on since June 27th. Should I go ahead and photo the flies and get them sent out, or maybe extend the date until the 25th in case he's on vacation? You guys make the call.

  7. Got the photos posted, still no word from James, If I don't hear anything in the next couple of days the flies will be mailed. Feel free to post recipes in the gallery forum.

  8. Wow just got the flies in the mail today. Nice ties folks, very nice...

  9. I wanted to send a big Seattle THANK YOU to all that contributed in this swap. I just received mine today and love everyone of them.

    I also want to thank Daryle for his effort in posting pics and being the swap guy. Great job on everything!!

    I do promise that I have yet to send you a buck for you effort and that will be on the way!
  10. No worries Obi,

  11. I received mine today as well. Great ties everyone, thank you very much! They're all great.

    Daryle, thanks for the additional effort involved in hosting the swap.

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