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  1. Has anyone fished Cofeepot Lake this time of year? Any suggestions as to where might be a good location to try on the lake? Or patterns that might work? Thanks.
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  2. Try the first bay area right off the launch. There are some deeper areas that can hold fish. I have also fished the entire lake and the bowl on the launch side through the cut has a weed bed that can fish well, but the depths plunge quickly. If you make it all the way down the lake, half way down on the opposite side of the launch there is another shallower area that can concentrate fish. After that you can head down to the far end of the lake and there are some other shoals there before the cut into the other part of Coffee. If you make it that far and then all the way down into the other area there is another back bay that can fish well. If you are in a toon stay in the front bay off the launch and treat it like its own lake.

  3. Irafly:

    Thanks for the help. I have a 4x4 pickup so I am assuming I can get my 1650 lund with a 30 hp. gas motor legally in to the lake to get from one end to the other if needed, and then hop onto my Super Cat pontoon boat to actually fish? The boat with me in it and my gear will draw only about 15 inches to the bottom of the skag. If I can use my bigger boat with gas motor then I would be free to fish wherever I wanted. Thanks for the help.
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  4. My son and I fished it this morning.No problem launching your boat, but the water is the lowest ive seen in 12 years.The far west end is not accessable,but its very shallow anyhow,and I wouldnt be surprised if fish stuck there were winter killed.We slow trolled type 6 and 7 in deeper water,landed 7 and lost twice as many on big streamers.3 over 20" and smallest was 17",all released.

  5. P-FITZ98:
    Thanks so much for the information. I wish I could go this coming week because of the good weather, but I'm doing a reside job on our garage and house so I'm tied up. So I hope to get out the following week if the weather permits. I was planning on winddrifting with type 6-7 extra fast sinking lines with woolley buggers and dragons so this should be my cup of tea I hope. Do you know if gas motors are allowed on the lake? I plan on fishing out of my Super Cat pontoon boat and using the Lund for getting from point a to point b.
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  6. ST, gas motors are fine,it is a selective baitless-barbless lake.The weather hasnt been real great as there was snow there Wednesday and the water temp today.Im sure it will improve with warmer temps that will take some time.
  7. LEECHES, there are tons of LEECHES in that lake. Brownish/Green

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