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Discussion in 'Stillwater' started by Kaiserman, Mar 22, 2013.

  1. Kaiserman

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    Anyone hit it yet this year? I heard a "rumor" that they were planning on killing off the bass...

    Also, was thinking about getting a couple of my little ones out there with a fly set up, but not sure if there is any room from the shore, other than right by the boat launch. Can a guy walk around to the other side, or is it private property?
  2. Evan Burck

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    Caught the biggest lake dwelling trout of my life in that lake on the first day it had opened back up in the late 90s. Been a long time since I've been back.
  3. Kaiserman

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    Well that doesn't help me much now does it? :D

    How's it going Evan? It's been a couple of years for me, and I can't remember the landscape that well. I know it's a good place to get your "fix", but not much of any kind of challenge to catch fish - unless it's blowing 25 mph. I watched a guy right next to me catch one about 5 lbs once. I had two one that were at least 7 lbs but they bent the hook straight. I never saw either fish... but my story is that they were 8 lbs, wait... did I say 7 lbs earlier? I meant to say 10 lbs... at least! ;)
  4. Evan Burck

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    The one I caught there in the late 90s was 28". No idea of the heft on it, but the thing was gigantic.

    Caught lots of very nice bass and Crappie in there too. The crappie may have been my favorite quarry in that chain of lakes when I used to frequent them.
  5. Guy Gregory

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    Coffeepot is blm land..access is public. Not particularly easy, but public. water is low this year.
  6. Kaiserman

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    Thanks Guy. I take it that the land around the whole lake is blm then?
  7. Vladimir Steblina

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    No, the BLM covers north and south ends of the campground on the west side of the lake. Then there is a small stretch of private and another mile of BLM on the west side.

    Across from the campground there is a small stretch of BLM.

    The other areas on the lake are private.

    There is a BLM brochure on Coffeepot Lake.

    Watch your dog in the spring.....this is a very high density rattlesnake area.
    Oh, and check your body for ticks every night in the spring.
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  8. Guy Gregory

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  9. IveofIone

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    Amen on the rattlesnakes. If you get out of your rig at night to pee don't jump out in the dark. Use a light and look around before you hit the ground.

  10. Kaiserman

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    Thanks for the help gentlemen! And Vladimir, that is no lie about the ticks! I got back in my rig one time, after just walking up to look at the water, and had 6 of those little buggers on me.
  11. P-FITZ98

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    We fished it this morning! There are still some in there.