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Discussion in 'Stillwater' started by IveofIone, May 14, 2013.

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    IMG_0718.JPG IMG_0715.JPG IMG_0713.JPG IMG_0707.JPG IMG_0703.JPG IMG_0704.JPG I recently spent some time at CP and had the place virtually to myself for a day. Very unusual-imagine going to Chopaka and being the only guy at the lake and you get the picture. IMG_0702.JPG
    By the time I left a day later the campsites were filled and a huge pontoon hatch had occured. Fishing was great though, I'll go back just before the closer in Sept and see if the crowds have thinned out any.

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    Great photos Ive, thanks for sharing...;)
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    I wondered what the campground looked like. Our club has had an outing up there the past two years and each year I haven't been able to make it. That wasn't a bad thing as both weekends were really windy and cold. Beats me how that happens as this year the weekend before was warm and not windy.
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    Nice pics!
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    Was this a mid week trip?? :)
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    Mid week of course-the only time I ever go. No snakes Ron. That is one place I never get out of the truck at night to pee. I use the trusty pisaroonie in the canopy not wanting an encounter with Mr No Shoulders in the dark!
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    That first one, and the rock face pic are great! Thanks...

    By the ay, did you catch any fish over 20" this year? I've been out twice this year (early), and was the first time I didn't catch a fish over 20". Seemed like every third or fourth fish, in the past years, always produced fish pushing or well over 20".
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    Oh Dave!! It's just because your such a stud!!
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    Dave, my first fish was 20'' but after that I didn't catch anything over 18''. You are right-the fish don't seem as big this year. I think the lake's popularity has something to do with it. It is the new Chopaka but easier to get to with bigger fish. And then there is the 1 fish limit of 1 fish over 18". That means people will high-grade the fish and only take home the biggest one (ones). As big as the lake is it is inevitable with all the pressure that the fish size will come down. Most people who are new to the lake (and there's a lot of them!) will be more than happy to be catching 18'' rainbows but for those of us that have fished the lake for years it is a little disappointing not to be catching 23'' fish. Big fish are still there of course but you have to work harder to find them while negotiating your way through all the inflateable bouys on the lake. I kicked through the narrows a couple weeks ago and there were 6 pontoons and a rowboat in just that one area!

    Yesterday I was back in the zone locally fishing a lake where I was the only guy there. I caught so many fish I got bored and came home for a nap. No pressure here.

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    HA HA Jesse...:p

    Actually I was feeling left out, since a couple other guys seemed to be catching 20" fish every other one! (That part of the lake, where if you get there first, it's a done deal)
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    Thanks Ive for that info. It makes me feel better about my lack of bigger fish. Cause like Jesse said... I'm such a stud! :D