Coho on the lower Green

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by shortline, Oct 16, 2002.

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    I took advantage of the sunshine today along with the opening of the lower Green for Silvers up to the hiway 18 bridge. I took my 5 wt with an intermediate sink tip. I began to question my decision not to take an 8 wt when I saw some 8 to 10 lb coho already on the bank on my walk in. To bolster my confidence I tied on a 3 ft piece of 1x tippet. The gear slingers were shoulder to shoulder at the car body hole just down from the bridge, but 300 yds downstream just above the Bend, I practically had the river to myself with plenty of room to cast.
    I tied on a number of weighted and unweighted streamers in orange, purple and green. Nothing. Then I tied on one of those kinda goofy puffball egg imitations that I bought at Gart Sports for 99 cents each. I added a single twiston weight directly on the hook shank to get the egg down. I cast tight against the far bank and let it drift down through the hole. Bang! The action started. I ended up hooking six salmon in the 6 to 8 lb range. I lost 3, released 1 and invited 2 home for dinner. I actually had spin casters walking over to me and asking what I was using because they weren't getting any hookups. That was sweet!
    I know the lower Green River is not the most exotic fly fishing destination but on this particularly beautiful fall afternoon, it was a little slice of heaven. :COOK
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    I haven't been down to the Green on 18 in such a long time, not since my car got broken into there bout' 5 years ago. All I've seen being caught there were half dead salmon and some rainbows and cutthrout no bigger than 8". Going up the river more towards Flaming and Palmer I hear are better quality chrome Steelies and Salmon.
    I'm going to mess around Flaming tomorrow and test out my Type3 Rio tip with a friend and then out to "THE" hole on Saturday.

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