Coldwater at Daybreak

Discussion in 'Stillwater' started by Strike Zone, Mar 8, 2012.

  1. Went up to Coldwater Lake to watch the sun rise yeaterday. It was 19 degrees at 5:30 Am. It was awsome to see the the full moon out to the west and watch the sun as it came over the ridges and shined on the snow covered mountains. It trully glistened and made you glad to be alive. The road to the lake was free of any snow or ice as was the launch. The lake had a sheet of ice almost the whole length of it on the right side out to about half way acrossed the lake. I tried to measure the water temp, but my thermometer only goes down to about 37 degrees so I know it was colder than that. I went down to the far end, but it was all frozen over down there so I headed back to the launch end. My reels and fly line were frozen up till about 10:00 am or so. I could make them free up some by dipping them under the water for a second. As far as fishing goes it was pretty slow during the morning hours. But in the afternoon it warmed up and fishing picked up. Ended up with 16 to the boat and a few others that came off before I got them in. One was 19 inches. A couple others were 15-16 or so, but most were 11-13 inches. Very nice fish tho. My hands about froze off every time I released one. Anything black or green worked. All in all it was a glorious day up there.
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  2. Thanks for the cool report! Kudos for braving the cold. Sounds like it was well worth it! I'm still waiting for it to get warmer before I paddle my old bones around up there. (Pssst. More lake anglers might see this if it was posted in the Stillwater forum).

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