Coldwater good times

Discussion in 'Stillwater' started by Strike Zone, Dec 29, 2012.

  1. Couldn't open pictures in other post so I tried something different. Hope these come thru of our son with me up there today.

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  2. Wow, love the boat! I love getting up there this time of year. fishing can be spotty but man is it beautiful in the snow.

    How was the drive up? looks like you might of had to brake trail or quite a way's if there was that much snow at the lake level. Winter fishing the lake can be a hard drive but man the pay-off of getting out at a place like coldwater in the winter is priceless! Last winter with ol' Bob Jones we were able to go a lot.i have not fished up there all winter "YET"

    How big's the electric? two batteries wired together or three to push that boat? is that a 14 fter? what's it rated for as far as the largest gas motor? It looks the perfect size for small truck towing and still be able to push with an electric and have big enough gas motor to plain for good speed. I kneed to know about that boat as you can tell!!! My next purchase will be right along the lines of a set-up like this!
  3. Mark;
    Almost a Happy New Year to ya. Glad you like the boat. I really do. I've had it for about 8 months now. I use it in the Columbia for salmon and also on lakes for flyfishing. It's extreemly stable and high sided for the wife. It is a 1650 Renegade(16 1/2 feet) with a high transom on the rear. I think it's rated for a 40 or 50 horsepower motor.The bare boat by itself is 695 pounds. I use a saltwater edition 30 hp e-tec with a prop on it. It does amout 20 mph or so on the river with it loaded up to about to about 1650 pounds which includes the boat anchor, 4 batteries, gas, lead balls, gear, me and another person. It has a totally flat nonskid floor in it whic helps me keep from falling overboard accidently. The electric mtr. is an 80 # thrust 24 volt one. I hook two 12 volt batteries together. It lasts all day up there, Sometimes we go clear down to the far end and fish down there for three hours or so and then come back. I keep an extra 46 # thrust motor up front incase the larger motor ever quits. Yesterday we stayed up at the boat launch end. The road was clear all the way to the boat launch yesterday. The snow level was about 3-4 feet up at Elk Rock area, but condiserably less at the lake, Maybee 18 inches there.
    Anyway. Hope to see you there.
    Tight Lines.
  4. That is the ultimate Coldwater boat! Very nice looking boat.

    Good job getting up there and battling the elements.
  5. Cool pictures Denny. I know what you are thinking Mark. Time for the winter pilgrimage to Coldwater. How did the fish fight? Last year when we fished there in the dead of winter it seemed that the really cold water bogged them down. Did you see any elk or bears on the drive in?
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  6. Bartfly:
    Hi. As far as the ones that we hooked and landed they were really scrappy. But there were also those that barley hit the fly so we didn't get them in to the boat.Our boy likes to fish Dick Nites up there. So we always havw a friendly competion between his hardware and my flies. I managed to get the best of him when we were up there on Saturday. We did see a herd of 12 elk just below the visitor center. I've seen deer there, but never elk in that area. I usually see elk at the far end of the lake. If it doesn't blow I think I will head back up there on Friday.
    Tight Lines

  7. Paul:
    Thank you. Happy new Year to you and all.
  8. Great report and pictures. Makes me want to get away from the fireplace and go out to fish.:confused:
    Well maybe not. Glad you got out though. Looks like you had fun even with the weather.
  9. Islander:
    Yes. We did have a great time. So much so, I think I'll have to try it again real soon. I used to fish Pass lake all the time up by you. But since we are down this way now, I stay closer to home mostly. Did go up to B.C. this last summer tho just for old time sake. I used to spend two weeks a year flyfishing in the stillwaters in B.C.

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