Coldwater Lake, Kalama River

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    Saturday morning - Pine Lake.

    We wanted to get some fishing in during the morning so we stopped at Pine Lake for a couple of hours. Lots of friendly people. Amy and I each got a couple of planters and then we drove down into Issaquah for some provisions before making the long drive. A Lucas Davenport audiobook kept us company on our way to St. Helens.

    Saturday evening - Coldwater Lake

    The Coldwater observatory is closed and I had stupidly left my NW Forest pass in the other car so we had to go Johnston Ridge to get a new pass. The guy at the Ridge said the lake was turning over, visibility was nil and that fishing had been very slow from what he'd heard.

    There were a few boats coming out of the lake. The discouraged anglers reported not even any nibbles since morning. Flush with optimism even in the face of discouraging news, we launched into a light breeze. I stuck 15" fish within a few minutes and then we had to return to the launch so I could get my hat which I'd forgotten in the Truck. One of the skunked boaters was still packing up and he was P.O.ed about us getting into a fish right away.

    The sun beat down REALLY hot for hours. We were able to pick up a half-dozen between the two of us out in the very middle of the lake trolling or stripping streamers. The largest of these very silver fish was about 17" -- there's a picture of him with Amy in the sun.

    In the evening hours we found ourselves at "the point" about halfway across the lake. There are coves on either side of the point and a little inlet there, too. There were black beetles and flying ants struggling at the surface and fish were starting to take them.

    I put a small black beetle on Amy's pink rod and handed it to her. We sighted a fish coming toward us and she made a perfect cast to it. It boiled on her fly and then thrashed and thrashed. She brought it to the boat -- it was that beautiful fish you see in the picture. We didn't tape it but its probably in the 21-23" range. Biggest fish either of us had seen in a while! I don't think the picture does it justice.

    That Pink Rod sure catches big fish. I'm thinking I should start fishing with it. :)

    For the next hour we chased similar fish swirling on beetles. I lost two beetle patterns in fish but wasn't able to get them to the boat. That's okay -- it was great fishing.

    Sunday Morning - Battle Ground Lake

    I've always wanted to see where they dump all those steelhead so the next morning we fished Battle Ground Lake. Beautiful lake, but the place was a madhouse. We each caught a small fish and moved on to the Kalama.

    Sunday Afternoon - Kalama River

    Short report: No fish to be caught or seen. Only tubers on the water. We fished anyway. It was nice fishing in shorts and swimsuits and sandals.
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    capmblade and cowgirl amy rocking the road trip! Great report, great fish and alas the misses outfishes you yet again. Don't go pink though, leave that rod to her, she owns its mojo. Those are great looking fish and the locations look great too. Glad you had what reads to be one heck of a nice trip.
  3. David Holmes Formerly known as "capmblade"

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    Ed - I see you were counting again. Yep, on the trip she outfished me by 4 fish I think. Not too bad. Again my excuse is that I'm the guide AND the photographer.
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    I think that one in the second picture is a keeper ... Oh, and a nice fish, too ...
  5. Coach Duff Banned or Parked

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    That Coldwater pig is a good a looking fish as I've ever seen landed in Washington. Beautiful!
  6. Ed Call Mumbling Moderator

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    Well a good guide gets a hook put into the fish and teaches a thing or two. I guess that makes you a good guide. The photos look quite nice too, so keep them coming. I know that eventually if I come across a guy fishing alone with a pink flyrod that I'll know it is you. You'll tell me a story about capmblade having the day off while cowgirl amy had to work or some other reason...but I'll know you snuck out to test the mojo in her pink flyrod. :thumb: