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  1. Went up to watch the sun come up over the mountains at Coldwater Lake on the 6th. It was 19 drgrees and clear as a bell at the launch at 5:30 AM. A geougeous full moon was out in the west and the road was clear all the way including the launch.It was absolutely breathtaking up there. There was snow all over the mountains whever you looked. Never saw any elk or deer, but did see lots of geese, ducks, eagles and a cyotee was talking to another one across the lake.
    The lake was 2/3 frozen over in the early morning, but it melted quite a bit as it warmed up. My reel and rod guides never thawed out till about 10:00, so I had to keep dipping them into the water to get them to work. Frustrating.
    Fishing was slow during the morning. Could only get 5 to the boat. But the afternoon it was a different story. Ended up with 16 released from 11-19 inches and a few more that got off while playing them. Anything blackish or olive/brownish worked well on a #2 sink line with 8 foot of 4 lb. leader.
    It was definately a wonderful day to say the least. The weather couldn't have been nicer this time of year, and I was suprised that the fish cooperated with the water barely above freezing. All in all I had a super day.
  2. Denny:

    Great report, love that lake. Wish I lived closer.
  3. Sounds like it's aboout time to head up there.
  4. Really enjoyed - thanks for posting that. Have seen a lot of days lately where afternoon turns on like a light.
  5. Glad to share the beauty of that area. The weather doesn't look real good for the next week or so, but hopefully we'll get a nice day again before too long. Then I will be spending another day up there. It's only an hour from here so I enjoy it quite often. Been doing it for years now. It has a beauty all its own.
  6. Sounds like a great day up their! I checked the temps for this coming week and like you mention - going to be cold with wind. Thanks for the report with the ice still forming during the mornings! hoping we get some long warmer weather spells this month to turn them fish on. If you see some none wind days and want some company shoot me a p.m.
  7. I am with Scott, I love that lake. Wish I lived closer. Good report. Thanks.
  8. Okay, I have to finally make my first visit there, sooner the better.
  9. You'll love it Matt It's a great area and the senic beauty is wonderful. trying to catch the fsh can be a challenge but that's why I go with Mark. HE's the one to do the catching while i do the foul ups, and take pictures.
  10. Strike Zone.....What was the condition of the boat launch area? Lot of debris yet.....What was the water color like?
    I have yet to have one of those nice weather days free to travel up there....soon I hope.

  11. Woodcanoeguy:
    Hi. Well, all I can tell ya is that the launch was totally clear of any brush or logs on that particular morning. And the water clairity was at least 8 feet or so. Can't say what it's like now tho. We've had a lot of bad weather up there in the last couple weeks. You can call Roger at 1 360 274 2133 at about 6:50 AM or so and he can give you the local condition up there each day. Hope this helps.

  12. Woodcanoeguy:

    Yes, he works there at the momument. He's up there pretty much every day unless there's too much snow, so I'm sure he wouldn't mind it if you checked with him to save you from going all the way up there to find out it's not fishable.
  13. Got in a few hours on Coldwater Sunday mid day....lots of snow alongside road but recently plowed to launch. Fish rising everywhere when I arrived 11 am and fishing good till about 2 pm when low pressure pushed clouds down....then bite turned flat off. Had three dozen hits, hooked 9 and brought 7 to the boat. All fish 13 to 16". No one else on lake. All fish hit a black/red seal nymph.... near surface.

  14. Woodcanoeguy:
    Glad you had such a sweet day of fishing up there. That size if fish is what you're going to usually get up there. There are a few bigger ones left, but they are alot harder to find than they used to be. Are you fishing out of a wooden canoe when you're up there ? I will be there in my 10 foot mahogany fly pram or my new Lund 1650 Renagade tiller boat. I hope my 80 lb. thrust motor will work on it up there. I'm not sure if the wind is going to be a problem yet because I haven't had it up there yet. Hope to soon. I'm only about an hour away from the lake, and I'm retired so I can get up there about any nice day that comes along. Give me a holler if you want some company sometime up there.
  15. Love the fact that there were risers! been waiting for that to start fishing up their again. during winter they didn't fight very well from the coldwater - how were they fighting? reel screaming?

    strike - I will be going many times in April and will give you a P.M. to possibly hook-up out of my drifter. I've been watching the wind and it's been blowing alot!
  16. Mark......The fish Sunday hit my fly super viscous but didn't fight like they will in a few jumpers. Last fall I had one on a 3 wt fiberglass Scott rod that I never even saw....could not get him up to the surface....finally broke him off trying to horse him up.....suspected he was 20+ inches. My biggest to date is 22". A friend got a 25" fish a few yrs ago.

    Denny.......I use a old Hi Laker fiberglass boat up there. Short but wide and very deep hull....can cast standing in ti and a good safe boat for the wind. If going to the far end ,which I seldom do.... I take three batteries and even a spare my age I don't want to row back in that wind. I have only had one day last year I got blown off the lake....and I made a couple dozen trips. I usually go alone as it is my only time away from work, kids and grandkids by myself. I may just give you a shout someday just the same!

    Tight lines......Terry

  17. Woodcanoeguy:
    I hear ya. I usually spend the day up there by myself too. I did take a couple grandsons up there with me last summer when the weather was nice. It was a special day each time we were there. It's a special treat to spend time on that lake. I hope the guided kyak thing that is going to start there this spring will not affect the fishing. I might get a little irritate if I want to put my boat in but can't get to the launch because of a bunch of guided kyaker's have the launch plugged up for an extended time. Time will tell. I know I avoid the place like the plague when the bicycle TourDeBlast is happening each year.
  18. With the three species of trout in the lake I like targeting the sippers over the deep water. these fish have very few spots and very bright, the more colored fish -westside cuts- rainbows?- do not seem to fight as hard. when the water temp got 40 or below they quit sipping for the most part and the fight was not good so I gave it a couple months rest.

    while fishing those chrome sippers I also got broke off by one fast running brute. I have never checked for cuts in the throats of these bright very few spots (and just on the top half) to see if they are true rainbows or sea-run cuts but they are by far the fastest running fish I hook up their, and also some of the hardest fighting fish I have ever fished for. being a rainbow guy (because of the fight) it would be nice to know if these are sea runs or rainbows? I will be checking next time I go up, another question would be if the sea-run cuts come up from the creek or just spawn in it and live in the lake year round? since it's was my first year fishing it I don't know that much about the three different species and how they act or keg up for spawning and what time of year they each spawn? I know the rainbows will spawn in the spring but what about the two different species of cuts?

    When I targeted the sippers during the winter months it's a fast and furious run to pods of rising fish and it doesn't last very long so I never took time to pump stomachs or look for cuts in the throats, I'm just to busy chasing the pods with the electric- so much fun!!!

    last time I fished it, a friend from Idaho went with me and they started sipping for about an hour, I hooked a few and he was amazed how fast these fish ran. slim- long- hard bodied rockets.

    I remember the post of the different species and it being mentioned that the "light spotted" fish were sea-run cuts, can anyone confirm? also do these fish migrate to the sea via the out flow creek and into the toutle river? or are they resident and use the creeks to spawn?

  19. This info below was posted last year. I suspect the outlet creek has too steep of drop for fish to run back up into Coldwater Lake.
    I am sure some WDFW biologist would know for sure.

    - The lake was initially stocked with 30,000 under-yearling rainbow trout in 1989, since then, the population has sustained itself naturally.
    - After a survey was taken in 2001, scientist discovered that both westslope and resident coastal cutthroat were present.
    - It was then determined that the westslope’s were inadvertently mixed with the rainbows delivered from the hatchery in 1989.
    - It was also determined that the resident coastal cutthroat that once thrived in North Coldwater Creek in 1979 must have survived the eruption—a truly amazing thing, if I should say so myself.
    - The fish that now inhabit CW are completely self-sustaining and have been since the initial stocking of 1989.
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  20. Do you have a link for the Kayak info as well as the bicycle race? I'd like to make sure I'm not up there when some of this happens.

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