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  1. Anyone fish Coldwater this weekend? How did you do? I am curious because we went Saturday for 5 hours and nary a bite!! First time I have ever been skunked there.

    No one I spoke with....about 4 different boats.... got any either. Water looked a little greenish.....maybe turning over and water chemistry was off?.....or just my bad luck!
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  2. Woodcanoeguy:
    Terry- This time of year with the snow runoff into the lake it's going to get colored up and the fishing will slow down. Be patient. The bite is going to come on when the water clears up again.
    In the meantime the Columbia is starting to perk with springers. I managed to get a beauty last Monday and we got another one in the boat a couple days before that on the Cowlitz. So I will be after springeres for a while on the big river.
    Tight lines to ya.
    PS- Thanks for the info. on the bike race. I will be staying away from Coldwater that weekend for sure.
  3. I didn't know about the bike race, and made a trip to Coldwater on the day of the race several years ago. The drive up from Toutle to the lake was painfully slow and irritating with arrogant bikers 2-3 abreast owning the road. But there was only one other fisherman on the lake, and the fishing was pretty good. I have avoided the day of the race ever since.

    In general, I hear the people who get worried about "outing" this lake on the internet. When you experience crowds like can occur at popular lakes like Lenice/Nunally/Mary, Dry Falls, and Chopaka, to name a few, it would be a shame to see this at Coldwater. But I think the distance from a population center, no camping close by, challenging weather, and often mediocre to poor fishing, make Coldwater a "one and done" trip for a lot of people. I've been fishing it a few times a year since the 90's, and have not seen a significant increase in the number of fisherman. For me, the fishing has not been as good the past couple of years, but I don't believe it has anything to do with fishing pressure.
  4. Thinking about heading up tomorrow. are the roads free of ice? Sold my truck so I'm in a car...

  5. As of Saturday road was totally clear all the way to Lake....some water from melting snow is flowing across road so if you go before sunrise watch for those spots as they could be icy.
  6. Any recent activity at Coldwater? The lake color was quite greenish last trip up for me. Fishing was slow.
    Sunday it was hot but calm......several boats, toons and kayaks.
  7. Sounds like I need to explore this lake. Thanks for the detailed report guys, I wish others took the time to share there experience on the water more thoroughly.
  8. When a thread reaches this many posts...
    people notice.

    I have fished this lake many times
    and look forward to the next time,
    even with the two hour drive.

    You, that are posting all this info,
    are loving it to death.

    Enjoy the crowds.

  9. Yes... but Coldwater is a big body of water, and I doubt too many folks will be on it. More kayakers (from the new kayaking/canoeist program there?) than fisherman on most days. I'm from SW Washington originally and I've explored but not fished the lake in the past. I know that if I move back home, Coldwater would be a top choice for me.

    The more responsible fly fishers there, the better in my eyes. People that are stewards of the environment are not exactly a bad thing.
  10. If Coldwater was full of steelhead I'd be concerned about crowds. A huge lake not very close to camping with 15" trout, not so much.

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  11. Yes we definitely should not use a Fly fishing forum to talk about fly fishing, where we fish, or help fellow fisherman. That would just be ludicrous.
  12. I was there last June, nice hot day when the
    fly ants started to show and the fish were
    all over them. Hooked about 12 fish in a hour
    with most being 14 inches and four over 18 inches.

    Then there was the cranefly hatch that was off the hook
    with large fish coming up. Biggest that day was 20 inches.

  13. Coldwater Lake continues to be spotty fishing for me......last few 1/2 day trips I have averaged about 10 fish. Windy days I do better and somedays there is a decent hatch of bugs.....water still greenish but clearing.
  14. Any Coldwater reports of late?

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