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Discussion in 'Stillwater' started by Strike Zone, Oct 16, 2012.

  1. Has anyome been fishing at Coldwater lately?
    Strike Zone
  2. Was awsome up there today.
  3. Last trip up for me was late Sept and took about 15 fish in about an hour when the wind finally came up...but the rest of the morning was a bust.
  4. Yes it was a great day up there as far as the fishing goes. But I realized today that I had lost a whole bunch of flies that I had tied over the past 50 years or so on our way back down the mountain. They were in a black leather bag and somehow blew out of my boat. So the wife and I drove back up there today to see if we might get lucky and find them along the road somewhere. No such luck. Did talk to a wonderful fellow fly fisher (Paul) who said he saw something black in the middle of the road near the summit, but never bothered to investigate. Someone else must have found the flies at a later time. Hopefully someone will get in touch with the Longview Daily News Paper. You win some and you loose some. That's the way things are.

    Terry; Glad you had some good fishing for part of your trip up there in September. It was really flat up there this evening looking out from the launch area. Saw a few fish feeding on Cadis's, but mostly things were pretty still. Sometime I'm going to try night fly fishing up there. Never done that yet.
  5. Denny.......I will keep an ear and eye out for your flies. Hopefully someone posts up that they found it. You might check with the St Helens monument folks?

    I fished all night on Merrill one warm moonlit night and it was quite nice. Hope to head back to Coldwater soon.
  6. Woodcanoeguy: Hey thanks. Great idea. I'll give them a call on Monday.
    I think I might head over east if the snow doesn't get too deep on the passes sometime in November to do a little fly fishing on a lake over there. The wife and I are involved with helping some friends move to Utah pretty soon so I can't do anything till we get back. Hopefully it will work out. Hope you can make it back up to Coldwater this year.
  7. Thigs are good: Roger found them and called me this morning. Yipee!

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