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  1. Hi all! I am new to this site, and unfortunately I have not been fishing nearly enough this year due to a tumultuous personal life. I was thinking of heading up to Coldwater Lake next week to see what the fall waters have to offer. It seems fitting, since I lost my last pontoon boat to stupidity and terminal road rash. I was in a rush to leave and failed to consider that a pontoon that is snug at altitude will loosed as you descend. Read that last sentence twice, you may thank me some day. ;) Long story short; I watched in the rear view as my 'toon slid off the back, and the tips of both pontoons suffered terminal road rash before I could get pulled over. Thus it only seems fitting that I break in my new boat on the Coldwater.

    I have a new Scadden Avenger XX that can seat 1 or 2, and I'm eager to get it out on some water and see what it can do. If anyone has fished Coldwater Lake recently, can you please offer any advice or suggestions as far as what to expect now? I only fished it that one time, and did land several fish, so I am excited to see what the fall has to offer (if I am not too late). All suggestions are welcome. Thank you.
  2. First, I always double the wind reports for the area. I use both and if it says 10 mph winds I figure 20 mph!

    Second, this weather front that came in will muddy up every feeder stream to the lake. high winds will mix it throughout the lake and dirty the whole lake making fishing tough for probably the next week or so.

    I have fished fall up at Coldwater and love it when things are right. Many times a midge hatch of some sort will bring deep water fish up rolling and feeding just under the surface for some very fun fishing with nymphs just under the surface. If you go good luck!
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  3. That was some important Intel you passed along Mark!
  4. Unless they figure out the guberment shutdown thing, there may be no fall fishing at Coldwater. Supposedly the Mt. St. Helens Monument is closed with the federal shutdown.
  5. As of this last Friday Gate is locked to Coldwater Lake according to one of our fly club members.
  6. You can always walk in ;)
  7. What are they gonna do if they find you inside? Ask ya to leave?:mad:
  8. Went to Coldwater on Monday and got blown off the lake after about an hour. Guessing 35-40 mph winds. Four other boats in parking lot waiting to see if wind would abate. Nice and sunny but a bit too breezy for safe fishing. I did mange one nice fish to keep the skunk off.
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  9. Terry
    Hi there. Sounds a little windy up there. Long way to go if it's not fishable. I gave ya Rogers phone number didn't I. Seems to me I did a while back. I haven't been up there for quite some time. I spent alot of effort this spring/summer fishing for kokes on Merwin. Had a blast up there except for one trip. This fall I concentrated on the fall upriver brights. We ended up netting 34 keepers so it was a wonderful time this fall while fishing for kings. The wife and I are headed out tomorrow on a maiden voyage in our new to us pickup and camper. They are oldies but goodies. 1988 Ford F250 XLT Lariat-460 gas with only 50000 miles and a 1989 Mountaineer/Eagle 9 foot camper like new. Now I have something to spend a few days when I go somewhere to fish. We are headed over to Sprague Lake to flyfish as soon as the weather cools enough to kill off the alge bloom. Probably in November sometime. If you are ever up near Castle Rock and just want to talk fishin sometime, stop by. Love to visit.

  10. I see that behavior during a midge hatch a lot and have never solved it
    I try Grant's gnats with floating line but never seem to get any takes
    Am I missing something simple?

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