Colombia Carp: near I-90

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  1. Anybody fished for carp near I-90 on the Colombia,I think the exit is at Vantage(?).Seem to recall mention of some good fishing in a previous thread last year maybe.Headed to visit family in Skagit valley this summer and might need to break up the drive with some fishing.Thanks for any input.
  2. Colombia = country in south America with dangerous drug cartels

    Columbia = Washington river. there are carp around vantage, but it's a tough, tough game to get them.
  3. PM me a week before your coming thru and I'll dial you the current specifics.
  4. Alot of smallmouth around the vantage area as well look for rocks and smallies reside there
  5. Evan,thanks for the geographic reminder and spelling correction,oh boy, another typo worth a scarlet letter.No carp is beyond being caught bud.Suckegg ,thanks,probably looking at early August.Will pm you and appreciate the offering.Rick, again thanks for some CONSTRUCTIVE hints,though I'm more interested in sight fishing.Happy fishing.
  6. It's been a weird year on the Columbia. Bass are on schedule and the carp are behind. Flows were low and now they are up to normal but some cooler water came with the rise in levels. Bass are tougher(often deeper and further from shore) in Aug., carpin' should be fine, maybe better earlier and later(8 & 6) as opposed to mid-day if the water gets good and warm. You can sight fish for bass down there you just will have less options. Water will be very clear by your visit time. I'll give you a two good places to sight bass if you want to try that too. I have easily looked at over 500 bass down there this year and I am way behind on days on the water. Probably saw 200>300 in one day in May.
  7. suckegg, pm sent.
  8. Stewart,
    Moses Lake has certainly been another possible stop.Whats the public access like there?I don't know,something about Moses Lake that encourages west bound travelers to keep moving west.The mid day sun is brutal there in August.
  9. Public access is pretty good. There are multiple public parks right on the lake. McCosh, Cascade Valley, Montlake, Penninsula, and the recently renamed state park across I-90 from the State Patrol bldg (where the pedestrian overpass is). The train trestle they refer to in the link is off of Broadway. You'd just have to get off Broadway and wander back towards the lake, kinda following the tracks :) . Also, right at the intersection of Broadway and Stratford there are some tracks that parallel the shore for a mile or so. The only thing I can't be entirely sure of in recommending a spot for you to fish is where the reeds/weeds/cattails are. Some places you can find a good opening, and some places you won't be able to cast. I haven't been in Moses Lake very much in the last ten years, but spent a lot of time there in the ten before that. It will most likely be hot as hell. You could go to McCosh and fish the shore then go hit the pool... then go down to the trestle (take the road that follows the shore back towards the south) then go back to the pool. There is also a dock behind the building approximately across the street from Woody's on Broadway.

    Moses Lake has a bad rep. It's not the Garden of Eden, but it is a pretty decent town IMHO.
  10. Thanks for the detailed info.I don't mean to bash Moses lake,usually when i'm passing through its on my annual 12 hr. drive to see the in-laws in Skagit County.Consequently Its usually mid day when the tempartures are at the highest.I usually stop in town for fuel and a bite(good mexican food).As a seasoned carp fool i'm always eye-balling the lake, and having read previous posts in the past few years it sounds intriguing.What size carp prowl there?most of the carp locally here in Montana run around 5-15 lbs,so i'm after larger fish,guess thats why i was asking about the Columbia.Sounds like its worth a stop.
  11. Here is a pic of a Vantage carp over the 4th of July weekend. My first trip. Water was up. Spotting was difficult in the cloudy weather and boy was it windy. Having a boat really helped getting to good water.

    It was a strange fight. I don't think the fish recognized it was hooked at the start, but it then took off on a long run. I thought I was going to be spooled. I started by letting my click pawl reel scream. Soon, I started to say I am in trouble and tried to clamp down on the rim on a non-stop run. I turned the fish with 1/3rd the backing left. This is the farthest I've ever gone into my backing. It was a slow slugfest to bring him in after that

  12. I grew up in Moses Lake/Ephrata, and still have the misfortune of having to go back more often than I like. It's a hell hole, probably one of my least favorites cities ever. The lake is hardly worth your time honestly. If you want some other suggestions, shoot me a PM and I'll guide you to some better spots.
  13. Well, there you go... I don't agree with Evan about ML, but that's how life is... and he may damn well know beter spots.

    Since you said Mexican food.... Go to Taco El Rey on Broadway. Eat the hell out of that then walk due west about 100ft and fish (the dock is a block south). If that doesn't work hit the trestle. Back on I-90 with no more than 10 miles on the car.

    Evan if you don't love a Hofstetter Special, I woud not even know what to say.
  14. Evan,I'll pm you sometime soon.Any offerings are appreciated.I'll reserve final judgement on ML,you guys can compare notes further.It is entertaining. Nate
  15. Sorry Joe,meant to compliment you on a fine carp.Sometimes they play dumb,and sometimes they get fed up real quick.I fish in the Missouri mostly where there is plenty of current for the fish to bolt towards.Have to say it adds a whole new dimension.

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