Colt King Cobra .357 Mag Stainless

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by ZugBug, Jan 30, 2006.

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  1. i found on the XD you really need to smooth the feeder down with some fine grit sanding paper. It made for a lot smoother and easier load of the rounds. I absolutely love my XD40...just my input :thumb:
  2. I have heard a lot of great things about the XD, and know several people who are impressed. They are a lot cheaper than the HK I have too!
  3. Price reduced to $400 firm. Last chance before it goes on consignment at the gun shop.
  4. That's a great price for a dishwasher-safe gun. If I didn't already have a Tarus titanium .357, I'd be all over this.

  5. I am very interested. Is it still available?
  6. Sent you a PM.
  7. Not carrying is good; but carrying a shotgun would be worse than carrying pepper spray--a 12 ga slug has less energy than a 30:30 or .357 mag, I believe and I've seen them smear across a deer shoulder blade rather than penetrate; buckshot would be even worse; birdshot, you could blind the bear, but they have a good sense of smell; my wife has a .338 Winchester Magnum for grizzlies & stuff on our northern rafting & fishing trips; she can handle it and I wouldn't want her trying a .458 or .460. So farr the .338 mag has worked well; we have yet to even see a bear when we had it. :thumb:

    p.s. I sometimes carry a Springfield Armory compact .45 ACP (nicely balanced, small frame, 5 shot); would never shoot a bear with it but it can make lots of noise. :)
  8. You guys are all right about the bear guns. You really need the whomp that a rifle carries. The field station I lived at on the north slope for a while had a short-barreled .470 that was supposedly used for bears. The best protection against bears is common sense -- if a bear attacks or acts aggresively towards you then you're doing something wrong. Anyone see that Discovery Channel program on the Grizzly Man? Now that guy had some loose screws. All of my bear encounters ended peacefully (and all I ever had was pepper spray) just by acting calmly and backing away, but Alaskan bears are a whole different ball-game than even the griz we get over here in MT. I guess you guys have some griz in WA too -- NCNP?... Hey Kent -- you founded a branch over there yet? Just got the First United Church of Ontario of the Flying Spaghetti Monster founded in Canada...
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