Columbia River Shad?

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  1. The roe is surprisingly tasty. I keep some every year just to make some delicious meals with.
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    My rendition of a shad dart. I am headed to the deschutes for a three day float day. I'll be coming down HWY 97 from Washington and Crossing the columbia. I figured I would take a few casts for Shad while I am there. Any suggestions about where near 97 to fish for Shad? I was thinking about heading up to just below John Day on the oregon side, based upon a blog I read. However, I found the oregon regs confusing. I don't see shad mentioned for the section below the John day, whereas they explicitly mention them below Bonneville. Does that mean you can or cant fish them there? Also, it seems you can fish within 600 ft of the "fish entrance." I took a look at the satellite images and I see a Square of water on the south side of the dam and also a long sleuce looking thing that angles down stream. Is either one of these the fish entrance?

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  3. That fly will fish for sure. Bright and sparse gets 'em.
  4. everything works better with gold hooks
  5. So far, all I've needed is these three patterns for shad.



  6. Earlier in the thread, someone referred to shad as the "poor man's Tarpon". Back east, shad were often referred to as the "poor man's salmon (Atlantic Salmon)".
    We prepared them in two ways: 1- "Butterflied" and nailed to an oak plank with thick bacon slices and stood vertically in front of a charcoal fire on the ground. 2-pickled.
    The roe was cooked in a skillet with bacon fat.
    The Shad Bake photo shows the oak planks with shad in front of coals. The shad were caught in the Hudson River just prior to the Shad Bake and the photo was taken north of the George Washington bridge (in the background) on the New Jersey side of the river.
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  7. There's a spot just below the John Day dam where one can fish from shore. The turnoff is close to the dam. Only issue is most of the shad go up the Oregon side of the river there but enough are on the WA side for good fishing. There's not hardly any brush/trees to get a backcast hung up on.

    Some snakes.
  8. you can fish on the oregon side of the dam and there is a concrete platform right next to the fish ladder where in years past we caught a bizarre number of shad in no time (maybe 70 fish in 3 hours) but the indians have now built another fishing platform just down from it making it almost impossible to fish there as you will tangle up in their nets etc.
  9. A couple of good books on the subject....

    “Northwest Fly Patterns & Tying Guide” by Rainland Fly Casters

    "The Founding Fish" by John McPhee
  10. I ate shad roe back when I lived in Havre de Grace, Maryland. Fished the Octoraro for hickory shad. Caught 70 jillion herring in Deer Creek before I found out they were herring.
  11. The Striped Bass knew they were herring:) I am familiar with Deer Creek. Good trout fishing too.

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