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  1. Pittendrigh,

    These foam bodied dries of yours remind me of the old Jacque Herter technique of tying extended body dries with foam strips that had the tail wrapped inside a doubled-over section of foam. Your method is a lot easier though because you don't have to glue the foam section together.

    Those interested in finding out more about the Herter technque can find it in George Leonard Herter's PROFESSIONAL FLY TYING, SPINNER, AND TACKLE MAKING MANUAL. This was produced for many, many years and went through around 20 editions before going out of print with the demise of Herter's stores in the early 800's.
  2. Thanks for posting that site, I just added it to my favorites.
  3. New and improved pattern. Changes are dubbed olive hare's ear abdomen, green dyed deer hair tails (3), and a figure-eight wrapped hackle (versus the hackle wound around the post. Makes for a much better floating fly and a more natural presentation.

    Recipe (Uses large umbrella hooks -

    Western Green Drake

    • Thread: Olive
    • Abdomen: 8lb test monofilament wrapped with light olive dubbin
    • Abdomen overwrap: Pheasant tail fibers, light side up
    • Ribbing: Danville's gold fine wire, recipe change since posting
    • Wing: Slate gray CDC, doubled
    • Tail: Green dyed Elk fibers
    • Hackle: Olive, figure-8 tied around the thorax

    Note: Western Green Drakes have massive wings and they are splayed for drying as they float on the water. I use the but ends of the Pheasant tail fibers and pull them back between the wings and then again forward to tie them off.
  4. Based on my improved PMD in the other thread, here is an updated Green Drake pattern. For the abdomen overwrap I used a little bit of stacked green deer hair secured by the tips and pulled back over on top then wraped with the base olive thread. Wing is dun blue elk hair, dubbin is light olive Superfine for the abdomen, brown olive rabbit for the thorax / head. Hackle is olive-dyed grizzly. Tail is moose mane. Tied on the large umbrella hook. I dispensed with the splayed wings on this pattern, probably not that important to the fish and adds time to the tie, which is already a little time consuming.

    And - it has been tested. It attacts fish and it floats very well, for as heavy as it is. Shake it after maybe 20 casts and it will float great for another 20 more at least.

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