Commercializiing Lenice

Discussion in 'Stillwater' started by Dale Dennis, May 14, 2009.

  1. Dale Dennis Formally Double-D

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    (Dave Pardo Quote from another thread)
    I am assuming that the work to the west of the lot had not occurred by this past weekend?
    I arrived and there was a grater wetting down a new road to the left of the fenced area. They made a large oval road. There was a sign saying to stop work as the proper permits had not been issued or something like that issued by Grant County

    What is the deal? Who knows what is going on? It looks like they are going to create a small neighborhood. I took a few pictures which I will down load tomorrow.

    This was not there over the weekend? If not, then in 2 days they created a small town

    When I was there the 3rd week of April hiking my way back to camp there was a guy pounding stakes in the ground. I ask him what he was staking and he said an access road. Now I was really curious and ask “ a road to where” he explained he owned the acreage ( I think he said 20 acres) next to the game access but it was only 300 hundred feet deep (no access to the lake) and followed the tracks to the west to the distant trees.

    He went on to explain he was planning to put in some cabin rentals and a future lodge area. I said no more and just shook my head and thought I don’t believe what he is telling me. Apparently he was serious and it also appears he trying to side step the permitting process,

    I can’t wait to see how this cluster %*)^% turns out. I don’t know about the rest of you but commercializing Lenice in this way just sends chills down my spine.
  2. Trashfisher Member

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    I agree fully. But now it seems that the land rapers and resort developers are searching for any attraction (such as the good fishing at Lenice) that might make their harmful speculative developments sell.
  3. zen leecher aka bill w born to work, forced to fish

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    It might decrease poaching as there would be more eyes watching the lakes.
  4. Fast Action Freddie Member

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    i wish i hadn't read this - bums me out. i assume there's nothing that can be done about it ...
  5. Tyler Sadowski Member

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    Dam man, I guess people look at stuff differently than we do. We see a beautiful lake that fishes great and they see money to be made. :beathead:
  6. Allison Banned or Parked

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    I think the first phase of this is just ading some RV camping spots. Also I believe the plan is to leave the camping west of the parking lot (which is also on private property) alone.
  7. Matt Burke Active Member

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    Man, Last time I fished there was in the seventies. Bum deal.
  8. jabseattle jabs

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    Damn you're old...No wonder why you like tag teaming it with Old Man..just sayin

    Oh yeah I still have your camp chair/stool from whenever...
  9. Matt Burke Active Member

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  10. jabseattle jabs

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    I know many moons ago....
  11. Kent Lufkin Remember when you could remember everything?

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    Not sure why some sort of development at Lenice would automatically be a bad thing. It's not like fishing there is some sort of pristine wilderness experience. After all, for the first month or two after it opens every year, the parking lot is crawling with fishermen like some sort of shitty, third-world KOA.

    Seems to me that a little development would offer some sorely-needed amenities like running water, real bathrooms, a convenience store with cold beer, and cabins for those that don't want to sleep on the ground or don't have an RV. An increase in persistent activity should do wonders for detering poachers and smash and grabs.

  12. dryflylarry "Chasing Riseforms"

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    I used to fish it a lot years ago, but haven't gotten out there much lately. Hell, a decent campsite might be ok. I always thought someone could make a bundle just selling a shower out of a shack! The place does get pretty pity with people sprawled all around a parking lot. It wouldn't be nice to see a housing development go in tho. A few wine vineyards would be ok... Cold beer? Hell yeah! Wash the dust down... :D
  13. Upton O Blind hog fisherman

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    I fished Lenice in 1968. Needless to say there were never any people there and the fishing? Well, you can imagine.

    The other day I was reading some statistics: it is predicted that the population in the state of Washington will double within 50 years. I won't be alive to see it, sorry for those of you who will. I suggest you enjoy "the good ol' days" because they is now......
  14. Freestone Not to be confused with freestoneangler

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    If the dam ever gets approved, the development will be a mute point as everything will be underwater! I'm more concerned about a dam bigger than Grand Coulee than development...
  15. Trout Master Active Member

    The dam project was dropped awhile ago,so no worries there.
  16. Freestone Not to be confused with freestoneangler

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    The Bureau may have taken it off the table (for now) but the state hasn't. From the CELP website (article By Shirley Wentworth, The Othello Outlook, March 3, 2008):

    "The Center for Environmental Law and Policy commended the Bureau for taking the Crab Creek site out of consideration.

    “The public spoke and the Bureau listened,” said Rachael Paschal Osborn, executive director of CELP. “We are delighted that this particular threat to Crab Creek has been eliminated.”

    ...Osborn issued a reminder that Crab Creek is still threatened.

    “Unlike the Bureau, the state of Washington continues to identify Lower Crab Creek as its first choice for a damsite under its new Columbia River water supply development program. The state’s approach is a short-sighted one to addressing water supply issues,” she said.
  17. Gary Thompson dirty dog

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    The war over water and developing rural land is a never ending battle.
    The kinda good thing is the guy started out on the wrong foot with the county.
    That alone may delay the development for awhile longer.
    Some of my favorite camping spots are private camp/RV parks, less chances of smash and grabs, etc.
  18. Trout Master Active Member

    I just sent a note to another land owner over there , who sold the property to this guy. He is going to find out about this and let me know....T.M aka Jim J
  19. Dick Warnke was Pram-Man

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    I have to agree with Kent and a couple others that a little development with some amenities won't neccessarily be a bad thing. I think it would add a little security to the area. The smash and grabs have kept me away for years.
  20. dp ~El Pescador

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    here are the pictures I took on Tuesday