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    i posted a few weeks ago that i was worried my little pond on the road to work had met its demise over the winter. turns out i was just impatient after a great spring last year. a week and a half ago i picked up the little lmb pictured on a size 0 aglia, then finally last night noticed meaningful numbers of fish following the mepps. switched to the CT with a leech and took the pictured crappie. got one crappie here last year and have been hoping to add one to the tank at home ever since. the green sunfish, from the same pond, was caught last spring. super cool fish and the only one i have ever encountered. started showing some fin rot about a week ago, hope he survives it. love this pond. surface area is probably about 1-2 acres. my guess is that it's got so many species cause it's on the flood plain and picks up new residents from various farm ponds in the valley during floods. have so far taken lmb, pumpkinseed, black crappie, brown bullhead, green sunfish, gold shiner (from the throat of a lmb), yellow perch, and remarkably, this morning - a salmonid youngster. i believe someone must have dumped some in. they won't survive when the summer comes, if the lmb don't finish them off first.

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    A KC biologist studied species composition of Snoqualmie River floodplain oxbow lakes recently, looking for the "missing" Chinook juveniles. The oxbows were composed predominantly of sunfish. Many of the oxbows maintain temps that could support salmonids through the summer due to groundwater input, but it may be that the introduced fish outcompete them.

    Cool tank!
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    fascinating matt, thanks for sharing that. yesterday afternoon on the way home i stopped for a few more casts. i ran into a spin angler i have seen there in years past who asked if i had caught any trout, which surprised me given that i had never considered there could be any in there until that very morning. anyway, i told him i had caught one that morning and he said they have been in there for years and that the river pushes enough water in, as you described, to keep it cool enough for them. very interesting.