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  1. This is a 8’3” 2 piece hollowed 4 wt. with an additional butt section that's 1 foot shorter. With the first butt section the rod is 8’3” and with the second butt the rod is 7’3”. The idea was inspired by the Walton Powell companion rods.

    This is the first prototype that I’ve attempted for this type of rod.

    Both rods have a similar action the 8’3” is a medium progressive action and the 7’3” is slightly faster.

    Thanks for looking,


  2. Ray, fabulous workmanship on your rods. Thanks for sharing.

  3. An ambitious concept very well executed. Would you be willing to describe your design process?

    I have a companion rod by the late Clifford Constable named The Dual. It is has two identical tips and two different butts. The longer butt produces a 6'9" 4wt. The short butt produces a 6' 3wt. The action of both configurations is so similar that most would consider them identical.

  4. Very nice build!
  5. Wow, Ray, just wow! Really nice work, thanks for sharing,

  6. Gorgeous cosmetics. I LOVE the translucent yellow wraps. Very nice job. What taper did you use?

  7. Ray, this is probably a dumb question, but are you a member of the Classic Rod Forum? If not, you might want to show your rod on there, we do appreciate seeing fine work.

  8. Thank you all for the compliments. This was a fun project that helped me to understand a bit more about fly rod tapers.

    I started the project by looking at the published tapers on the Powell companion rods. Trying to understand how he addressed the short butt and offset ferrule issue. As most probably know changing the ferrule location has a huge effect on the rod action. The change in flex characteristics from the ferrule along with the ferrule weight need to be compensated.

    Having an exact or similar feel on Tims rod leads me to believe that Mr. Constable was an accomplished rod designer.

    I designed the 8’3” 4 wt using the Powell B taper formula with a increasing slope per station that complimented a 4 wt action on the tips then increasing the slope per station on the butts (for those interested I used a very mild Powell A formula on the butt). The 8’3” is a proven taper that I’ve used several times. On the short butt I adjusted the taper to match the stress of the longer butt (with a fair amount of guestimation). I came pretty close on the first pass on the next on I will make the longer butt slightly faster and the short butt slightly slower (by 2 or 3%).

    Thanks again,
  9. Thanks Ray, much appreciated.
  10. Thanks for sharing the pictures Ray, nice work indeed. The taper(s) combination sounds very interesting as I have become a fan of Tim's offset ferruled Constable's myself after casting some of them.

  11. Congratulations on these beautiful rods. I especially like the simple and elegant handle and wraps.

    I've been fascinated by these combo rods but always wondered whether they were a compromise, with neither configuration casting as well as two rods of corresponding lengths built in single configurations. Without meaning to put you on the spot, would you care to comment on the rod (rods) casting and how they compare to single built rods?

  12. SA,
    Thank you (and all) very much for the kind words.
    I share your intrigue with combination rods and this won’t be my last. Your question is valid and it doesn’t bother me in the least. The 8’3” was based on a proven medium progress taper, used for several rods and is not a compromise. The 7’3” was adjusted to compliment the 8’3” but is not the same as you’d build for a typical 7’3” (so by definition it is a compromise). That said the 7’3” has a similar progressive taper just slightly faster.

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