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    wonder if that hot wax thing would work in reverse for catheter insertion...:eek:
    OK, sorry I went there...Matt and Mumbles are a baaaaad influence on me.
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    Man you get that rotary nor vise spinning high RPM's. I like the red nail polish gill spinning, I think I'll try that on some of my epoxy head and cone head patterns. Maybe I'll paint eyes on my cone heads, add a red gill then coat with a bit of epoxy.
  4. Brian P

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    I second the few wire wraps thing. I do this and have never had a problem with the cone head slipping.
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    I use coneheads mainly for my big fall streamers that see alot of abuse. I generally do lead wraps (enough so that the lead is even with the outside), then wrap thread at the base of the lead wraps to hold it in place. I'll do this on a couple hooks (however many I'm getting ready to tie) and then stick them into foam like Burke mentioned. For the next step I generally use a few drops of superglue because I am impatient and the superglue sets up almost instantly. I've never had a problem with the glue going to the eye of the hook, and my cones never come loose.
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    Me three on the lead wire, except I use lead substitute. 3 or 4 turns, pinch it off, then slide up into the cone and glue.
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    "It dips the cone into the wax, or else the epoxy runs out the gap!"

    Matt "Buffalo Bill" Burke from "silence of the cones"...
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    I really should redo that video.
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    ditto. i don't tie too many flies that use coneheads, but this method works for me.

  10. Mr.E

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    I've not seen a chart but just experiment with different sizes. What ever one the hook passes through works for me or if tying tube flies, which ever one the tube passes through.
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