Confusing Stillaguamish river rules

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  1. from Marine Drive upstream to forks (876) Closed waters - from water control structure/barrier dam (downstream of I-5) downstream 200'
    ALL SPECIES - June 1-Nov. 30: selective gear rules. Aug. 1-Nov. 30: night closure.
    All Game Fish First Sat. in June-Nov. 30 Catch-and-release except up to 2 hatchery STEELHEAD may be retained.
    TROUT Dec. 1-Jan. 31 Min. size 14". Daily limit 2.
    Other Game Fish Dec. 1-Jan. 31 Statewide min. size/daily limit.
    SALMON Sept. 1-Dec. 31 Min. size 12". Daily limit 2 plus 2 additional PINK. Release CHINOOK and CHUM.

    The confusing part:
    ALL SPECIES - June 1-Nov. 30: selective gear rules. Aug. 1-Nov. 30
    TROUT Dec. 1-Jan. 31 Min. size 14". Daily limit 2.
    Other Game Fish Dec. 1-Jan. 31 Statewide min. size/daily limit.

    Does this make sense to anyone? I had 4 people look at this and also the guy at Cabela's and everyone seems confused..
  2. Makes perfect sense. What is your specific question?
  3. I can fish all species from June, and all game fish, but I can't fish trout or other game fish?
    Trout and steelhead are listed under game fish.. So the first half of the rules says I can fish for Trout and game fish, but then the second half says I can't fish for Trout or game fish?? How can I catch and release steelhead after June when I am not suppose to catch trout or game fish until Dec 1st.. and what is other game fish.. :confused:
  4. It isn't saying that you can't fish for trout or steelhead until December. It's just saying that from December 1st to January 31 there are some special rules regarding trout. Otherwise the "all species" covers them.

    Not trying to be a dick, but I'm always surprised at how confused people get at the regs. I've never had an issue with them.
  5. So from First Sat. in June-Nov. 30 is catch and release only and special gear rules, except for 2 steelhead you can keep. After Dec 1st I can catch anything with no special gear rules or night closures?
    I always heard that the stilly always had special gears rule at all times and always night closures. All other rivers make sense to me, just this one is giving me a hard time., :(
    It's probably a conflict of what I hear from people verses what I am reading..
  6. Well actually, isn't it saying the special rules regarding trout is from June-Nov. 30? :D
  7. From June 1 - Nov 30th, fishing for all species, you must use selective gear.

    - During this time, you can keep 2 hatchery steelhead. All other game fish you catch must be released, including trout and wild steelhead. If you caught food fish, the statewide regs would apply.

    Then starting Dec 1 - Jan 31st, the selective gear rules and night closure go away.

    - During this time, you can keep 2 trout that are 14" and over. This would include searun cutts, resident rainbow, and hatchery steelhead. All wild steelhead and dolly/bull trout must be released (statewide rule).

    - During this time, for game fish other than trout (whitefish, etc.), the statewide regs apply. For instance, you could catch and keep up to 15 whitefish, no min. size.

    Hope this helps!
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  8. Be sure to ask if it is still unclear...
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  9. Never, ever go by what people tell you instead of the regs. The regs change from year to year plus there are a lot of people who either don't read the regs or only comprehend what they want to. Read them with an open mind, because going in with a presumption that you think you know what it should/will say can lead to confusion, as in this case.
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  10. What's wrong with asking if someone is unclear about something? If the rules were clear to him/her in the first place, he/she wouldn't of ask the question to begin with. Man.....some people.
  11. PatrickH,

    Thank you for taking the rules/regulations seriously, and for your determination to achieve understanding. Unfortunately, you might find yourself fishing alongside some other anglers who might have their own interpretations. Kudos to you for listening for clarity, and most of all, legality!
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  12. Yes, that was very helpful thank you. I not only just understand that specific section now, but I have a better under standing of how the guidelines in the rule book are explained.

  13. I always like to be 100% sure. Last thing in the word I need are fines or my gear taken away. Rules are usualy there for a reason.

  14. Usually anything I hear from someone I always ask them for proof of the facts they speak of, if they can't prove to me what they say is true, I won't act on it.
  15. The night closure was put there to keep people from going out and snagging the salmon that come up river. It probably really didn't help because if somebody is going to poach they are going to poach no matter what the rules say it's so.

    You have to sit down with an open mind. If you catch and release. The rules should be simple.
  16. I went with someone who snagged fish, I wasn't doing it though, I was just watching him years ago. It's pretty amazing how easy it is to snag fish and actually catch one doing it. Makes you think that if you just drag your line a few times and catch a fish, there must be allot of fish in the river. Not catching them on lures, but there sure is allot in the short area he was casting. I don't encourage it either, I think it's wrong and makes me mad when people do it, but he was going to do it anyway, so I just went with him to watch what it was all about.
  17. I knew my buddy was gonna rob the bank. I thought it was wrong. So i drove him there and watched instead

    Strong logic
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  18. Yeah, it's pretty much the same thing.
  19. The night closure is to make sure the wardens don't have to go out at night looking for poachers. This whole problem is so simple to solve, we should follow the example of our schools and theaters and declare the Stilly a "poacher free zone" then we wouldn't need all these complicated regs.......;)
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  20. So is my 2 grams of cocaine alright? I mean its not a kilo right?

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