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  1. Anyone see the new CSM catalogue besides me yet? Looks like they brought out some new lines, for some (very) increased cash. Beautiful shotguns, but I'm not about to mortgage the ranch just yet!
  2. I haven't seen it yet, Alex, probably a good thing, too. I've got a couple of "closet queens" I've got to get rid of and not replace. I went through a sxs period and I haven't used two of them in five+ years. My RBL is safe, though, I love that little wand. I found myself looking at some of their A10's a little too long, had to bring myself back to reality by looking at their price.
  3. No need to keep them in the safe. That is not what they were made for.

    The Inverness is the new gun and it has been advertised for about six months to a year. I think people who placed the initial orders are just starting to see delivery.
  4. I've seen the Inverness photos, I like the A-10 lines more. I'd like to own a side lock O/U but not at those price.

    I agree that guns are made to be shot and not sit in a safe. I don't collect them for collecting sake, all of my guns are or have been hunted but my hunting needs have changed. Thus, I've got to get rid of a couple of shotguns. I'm trying to decide whether to convert one of them (sale or trade) for a .416 Rigby because I want to hunt a Cape Buffalo. But, since I've never shot a .416, I don't want to invest in one if the recoil is unmanageable. And since I'm getting older, time is running thin on my ability to trek 10-20 miles a day on foot with a 10+lb rifle on my shoulder to take the buff the way it should be hunted. So I need to make something happen or I'll be saying "Boy, I wish I had hunted Cape buffalo when I had the chance.".

    I wish CSMC had a .416 they'd trade. I think I might give them a call and see what they suggest. But first, I have got to stay out of their catalog and, second, find someone who wants to let me fire their .416.
  5. Since I registered my new RBL they have sent me the catalogue. Very nice stuff, and very pricey. I was tickled pink to pick up that RBL for just a little over 3K. I didn't see any such bargains in the catalogue...:eek:

    They do have some affordable accessories though. The Mrs. is getting me a leg-o-mutton for the new pop gun at Christmas. Maybe a new shell bag...we'll see.

    Alex, any snow at your place yet?
  6. Off and on, it's snowing. Uchytil and I hit Fish Lake this morning and it was doing a decent job snowing there, but nothing to slide on here yet.

    Leg o` mutton cases are classic, aren't they? I have an antique one, but need to find a saddlemaker to rebuild mine, put a little more padding into it, and replace the straps. This keeps up, Roper, and we'll both be needing to shop for a pair of tweed knickers! I believe Kevin's Outfitters carries decently priced cases and some accessories as well.
  7. Hey, I might be jumping over the hump tomorrow or Saturday. I should look you up...I go right through Leavenworth...
  8. I looked at their SxS 20's on-line. Thought the drool was going to short-out the keyboard, so I had to back away from the computer . . . I fear I'm too homely to carry such beautiful works of art . . . I'd have to point & let Hank carry the shotgun (hit percentage would probably improve, too. I'd likely retrieve alright, but I'd be plumb worthless on runners.).
  9. Jeez Marty, I see you everywhere...:D Up early I see...

    BTW that's a beautiful hunk of wood and steel you have there...any blood on it yet?

    I'm off to the Okanogan in about a half hour. If you're not busy, stop up...;)
  10. :) That's the way you and me roll...

    i just wish that I could get a nice piece of straight grained wood instead of this old knotty stuff. Yeah - lots of blood...





    Safe travels. Chillin' at home this weekend. Kill some birds for us. Hugs to your family.
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  11. I love the looks of those CSM shot guns,But I find the cost out of my budget. So I'll continue to use my H&R topper break open shotgun and dream of the day when I can afford one!!!!!
  12. Nice photo array.

  13. Will you be posting pictures of those knickers?

    I might pay hard money to see that. :D

    Those O/U are works of art, but a little over my budget.

    Since my knees don't hunt any longer, I guess I will just admire them from afar.
  14. Alex,
    Just found the CSMC catalog in a stack of Christmas catalogs on the coffee table, I was wondering why I hadn't received one. You don't think my wife hide it, do you? Geez, I did not need to look in this thing, I love their guns.
  15. They are beautiful but pricey. I think the closest I'll get to one is if Roper let's me hold his for a little while. :D
  16. Can't post photos for some reason-probably my lack of " computerese"!!

    Karl, Roper stopped by on his way to Oroville Friday, and was kind enough to show me his Citori and his RBL; it's better we not look at them... And in NO WAY do you want to open that catalogue-CSM is evil...EVIL!
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  18. I have an A-10 standard grade, unfired, that I would be willing to let go for less than current retail.
  19. Doug, as tempting as your offer is, I'm trying to focus on a .416 Rigby for a trip to Africa. I also have to sell a couple of Parker Reproductions, too, to finance the rifle and make space in the safe. I really should not ever look at the CSMC catalog.

    Did you all notice pg 9 in the catalog? I would love to see one of those little things.

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