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Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Cheesehead4, Feb 11, 2014.

  1. Follow the "Old Man" zz advice, he's got it right living in Dillon MT... no lie.
  2. The last time folks from Wisconsin came here, they were treated rather rudely. On a Monday night. By a replacement ref.
  3. I was born and raised in rural Wisconsin (Jefferson Co.) and stayed there 24 years, minus military time. Worked in Madison then was moved to the Twin Cities for 14 years (hunted and fished Polk and Burnett Counties, plus MN). In 1988 was moved to Seattle and have stayed. Just retired (second time) and sold our King Co. house and will be moving to the Vancouver WA area shortly. When I first arrived here I noticed a couple things right away. Number one is that your money does not go as far. Unless you can get outside the metro area your insurance on just about everything will jump. Example is that our car insurance will drop almost 30% as soon as we move out of King County. Number two is the traffic. I still grind my teeth when I have to deal with it. After years of commuting to Seattle I don't go there anymore unless there just isn't a way to avoid it. I'm familiar with the type of fishing you enjoyed from your base in Hudson and you will be hard pressed to find anything similar here. There is good fishing to be had here but it will involve travel and planning to avoid crowds and most of the fishing will be of a different style than you had back on the Tundra. On the plus side you can fish a large portion or all of the year on the west side. The west side is the land of no extremes when it comes to weather. After a few years the idea of Midwest winters and summers won't sound very appealing. This is a very different place to live, work and play. Be cautious and weigh what you will be leaving behind vs what you will be moving to. Good Luck.

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