Construction Of The Tying/gear Shed Has Started.

Discussion in 'Fly Tying' started by Mark Walker, Apr 3, 2012.

  1. Jamie Wilson Active Member

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    you could live in it if you needed to
  2. Mark Mercer Member

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    Thanks for posting your project....It's been fun seeing the progress you have made and I think we're all a little envious of such a COOL tying room.
  3. Skyler Evans Active Member

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  4. Mark Walker Active Member

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    Added a new $$$ computer system I got yesterday and my safe.
    The computer placement/furniture is temporary until I find more suitable stuff.
    Place is starting to fill up.
    Gonna have to have a yard sale to get rid of all the crap I've picked over the last year with intentions of putting it in the shed.:(
  5. Jerry Daschofsky Moderator

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    UGH< that's too bad. I'm still in process of getting stuff to fill mine up. I think I'll be in same boat as you when I'm about wrapped up. LOL.
  6. John Weston Member

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    nice tying shack.
    I had a 10x14 metal building that leaked like crazy. I am now in the process of adding a 7x10 extension on it. when it's all done it will be in all wood with a real roof. I build kayaks to 16' so this will be a treat as I can build inside. will also start building fly fishing prams. am also adding a fly tying space in there too.
    great job on yours. looking to see it all done with your bench setup.