Contour GPS versus Go Pro Hero 2

Discussion in 'Photography / Video' started by Ed Call, Dec 30, 2011.

  1. I have trusted sources that love both. I seem to favor the more compact Contour GPS and one wise forum member informed me of an app that will allow the bluetooth integration from camera to phone to let my smart phone serve as an external viewfinder.

    My primary hesitation is that I anticipate being in and around water whenever possible. I don't see the Contour GPS being water proof, merely water resistant. The Go Pro has a water proof housing that is good to a depth of about 200' or 60m.

    The Contour GPS is smaller, lighter and both have a wide array of mounts.

    Some Christmas gift money may be funding this fun filled toy. I've got fish catching to film, snowboarding girlies (and my own outings) and of course trips to the river/beach where I'll be in and around the water, rowing, etc.

    Your ideas? Experiences?
  2. Contour has an external waterproof housing available as well for $39.99.

    I've watched LOTS of video footage of both cameras...and...I have a Go Pro. For the record I had one of the original HD camera's that I got frustrated with enough to sell to a buddy. (2 broken clasps and a dead battery)

    Purchased a Hero 960 this Spring, and have nothing but good things to say about this one. Any time you jump in as an early adopter...there is going to be issues as they work out the kinks.

    For what it's worth, I'm purchasing 2 more in the next week.
  3. I have the GoPro Hero2 and it's pretty sweet. I've never used the Contour but the GoPro cameras are super small and light. They also have a ton of options for mounting the camera to all kinds of things. I made a "boom" this weekend using the bike handle bar mount and connecting it to an old swiffer handle to get some different angles on the water. I'm just learning video editing so the quality may not be perfect but here's an example.

  4. I dig it Cole, thanks. Who else has something to add to that? Anyone got some Contour GPS footage?

    Here's a little short my roomate just made out of a good November day. All done on a gopro hero filmed in 720 (to conserve battery) by himself using various mounts. His first time editing also.
  6. Great clips, Gentlemen!

    colehatch...what setting did you use?
    Care to throw up a pic of your "boom"?
  7. Dang it you have to bring up something like this that I have to add to my 'got to have' list? My list is already long enough.

    Excuse my ignorance and minor hijack...

    In addition to movies....does anyone have some macro photos or movies with a closeup of something small? I'd be interested in seeing a fly closeup or something small like that.

    Does the editing software come with it?
  8. Sean, that Go Pro footage makes Nic look like a steel slaying master. His rod was bent a lot in that short clip. Will a Go Pro or Contour make me a steel magnet? Na, we all know the answer to that is HELL NO.
  9. Check this for lens.....

    GoPro has an editing program on their site, but I have not used it.
    Does anyone make a progam "editing for film challanged dummies"?
  10. I mostly use 720-60 (in case I want to do any slow motion stuff) and 960-48. I like the higher frame rates.
    Here's the make shift boom. I used an old floor swiffer handle and bought the bicycle handle bar mount to attach it. It was real simple I just need to try and get the correct angles so you don't see the pole so much. From what I see online alot of people are using a ski pole for an extension arm also.


  11. Hmm...I think there's an old Swifter handle around here some place. Maybe a handle bar clamp, too.
    Thanks for the info/pics.
  12. All the cheap extra mounts for the go pro are awesome. They are very high quality, and stick to anything. I bought a R/C helicopter and stuck a go pro mount to the bottom of it, so now I can get some pretty sweet footage from way up above....on non windy days.
  13. While on a fishing trip this weekend I was telling my buds about the heli idea and they didn't believe it. You got a clip you could toss up here...would love to see it.
  14. I don't think i saw what you decided on. I started this same topic on FB with a few "pro's" that do video and photography. It was overwhelmingly geared to the go pro. Problem is i still like the contours form factor sand cap mount. vs the bulkier mount for the go pro. Did you purchase yet?
  15. I found a hell of a promotional deal at a military base on the GoPro Hero2 HD, so I got that one. The promo included a lot more harnesses, straps, fastening nubs and fittings and included a small pelican case. I got the last one they had. I used the tripod mount with the LED back on the camera to film my entire volleyball practice on Thursday. The view on the screen had me concerned that it would be very distant and too wide angle to be good for video training. I was wrong about that. I reviewed it after practice on the PC screen when I got home and I was very impressed at the 5megapixel setting on the clarity, color and quality of the video.

    I'll be trying it again this weekend at a tournament, and will likley be using this video to track our statistical performance after the event. I really don't like the boxy shape as compared to the Contour GPS, but I could not find anywhere to put my hands on the Contour. The likely selling factor was the detail that in March of 2012 they will offer a WiFi adapter with bluetooth connection remote that will allow the camera to be controlled and stream video to a smart phone. I don't know but I guess this is similar to the remote controlling that is offered by the Contour GPS. I'll certainly want to check that out in a bit when it is available.

    I'd say it was pretty easy to use right out of the box. I got a 32Gig SDHC card for it. The card read out an SD ERR and when I pulled up the troubleshooting from their web page on my smart phone it detailed how to format the card for first use. I filmed some stuff on the drive home just to get used to it before practice. Pretty simple and I'm already thinking how I can mount this onto my cataraft, solo boat, snowboard, snowboard/bike helmets, etc. Should be fun.
  16. Don't you mean 11 megapixels or is there a way to set it for 5mp?
    Post a clip!
  17. You can set 11, 8 or 5 as well as frame speed.
  18. I didn't know!
  19. Did you just learn something from me? That could be a first.

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