'Converting' a gear guy!

Discussion in 'Stillwater' started by sportsman, May 15, 2008.

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    A friend at work and his wife are avid gear fisherman. We've exchanged lots of stories the past years, but have never fished together. They are soon to retire and FISH: 40' motorhome, Harley on a lift and a 16' Lund. He decided that flyfishing up in BC & AK might be a good idea, so picked up a 5wt. combo but hasn't used it as yet. Taking him up to Rattlesnake in the AM...75-80 degrees, we thought might be a perfect time to call in 'sick'. He'll be in my Fat Cat and I'll use my Abel. Hopefully he'll be the one yelling " I got another one"! Say Hi if your fortunate enough to be on the lake tomorrow! BTW... Summer falls on a weekend this year!!! Fred.
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    Nice Fred. Way to convert a gear guy! Sweeeeet! Suppose to be real hot tomorrow so the early morning and late evening will be the best. I better see everyone with their fast full sinking fly lines (type III) at least, and sporting big ol smiles and laughs. Should be a good time to "get away from it all." I'll look for ya! rattlesnakeflyguy