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  1. Planning on hunting Cooke Canyon a few times in Feb and March for the dog. Anyone interested in joining me feel free to pm me. If we can get 4-5 guys helps cut down on costs and enables the dogs to get on plenty of birds.
    They run a really good operation there.

    Ambitious types can do a Cast and Blast on the Yak
  2. Hey, I may be interested. Let me know when you're planning on going and I'll try to join you if my schedule allows.

  3. The folks there run a good operation and are more than willing to work with you to design the kind of "hunt" you want. If you work with them you can select ground (grasses, sage, heavy cover) to hunt that best fits your dog - heavier cover for the flushers and more open country for pointers. If you have a young dog that you want to work on specific situations this a a great opportunity to create and repeat those situations. You can have the release sites marked or not.

    The hunts are usually a morning or afternoon affairs - one could do both however unless your dog is in good shape that may be too long. Can buy roosters, hens or chukars - found the birds to be pretty typical of released birds - the new birds holding well while the roosters that had been around for a while were more wild like . I'm thinking the next time of trying the chukars.

    Hunted there last March for the first time. Hunted a morning session after buying 5 roosters. I have an very experienced lab (5 at the time) so I requested some heavy cover and that the birds released site not be marked. The parcel we (my son and myself) were given had two draws with heavy cover (some trees and thickets) as well more open sage. Took about 3 hours to cover most of the parcel (which was just about right for the dog). After a nice morning hunt (a couple birds pointed and 8 or 9 other flushes) and lunch we hit he Yakima for the afternoon - the cast and blast ended with about equal numbers of birds and trout - a great mid-winter break!

    Hope to get over a couple times in the next 6 weeks or so.

    tight lines
  4. I have Friday-Sunday off so if you are going in that time frame I would like to go. PM me when you have a date. I have a 1 year old Setter who could use some more hunting! Rick
  5. I'd like that, keep me in the loop...Thanks.
  6. Don and I have hunted there for two years; Doug and Alice are great people!
  7. Would also be interested too.. Let us know when you might be headed out.
  8. Ok will call and see if I can get the second weekend of Feb reserved and let you guys know. There are 2 good areas with a lot of good cover. Will try and reserve one of those two.

    What do you prefer Hens, roosters, chukar?
    Or a combo of all 3?
  9. If you have room for another, I'd be up for this. I have a 3 1/2 yo Vizsla male with experience and an 9 mo female with no experience, but she is birdy as hell. I am anxious to get them out together.

  10. You are welcome to come. I would not bring the young one yet if she has not be shot over by multiple guns. Have seen young dogs freak out if not used to multiple gun fire.
  11. I can't make that second weekend, the Mrs. and I have Valentines plans...but please keep me in the loop for any other weekend.
  12. All three! Look forward to meeting a bunch of you guys. Should be a blast!
  13. She is fine around guns. I just have not had her out hunting yet. I may, or may not bring her along. She's not quite a year old yet. This outing may be a bit much for her.

    Anyway, keep me posted, this sounds like fun.
  14. Ribka, I tried to reply to your message but your in-box is full. I really appreciate the invite, but I think I'm going to have to beg off. My setter has become a magnificent bird dog (IMO), but he is still freaked by multiple guns. I can't hunt him in a group situation. lot in life. Thanks just the same.

  15. Looking at the morning 19 or 20th of Feb.
  16. I reserved for the morning of the 19. Those interested can pm me.

    Start around 0830-0900

    Cost is around $80 per person if we split birds. I am a member and can bring a guests.

    Let me know
  17. Ribka,

    I am interested, I've been traveling and have tried to find the time a few times this year. Things just haven't popped. What areas are you thinking of hunting? I am also a member and was trying to find the time.

    I have a young (2yo) Lab.
  18. Hey, your in book is full.
  19. Stevo pm sent

    Not enough interest to make it worthwhile for the 18th. Can try for next weekend the 25 th. If I get 3 guys who are interested will go.

    Let me know
  20. Your in box is full. I'm up for March or early April.

    Thanks, Steve

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