NFR Cool fly for some Orinoco and Amazon action.

Discussion in 'Fly Tying' started by ArmandoG, Jan 9, 2014.

  1. Hi folks
    Happy new year.
    Its peacock bass season here in Colombia and the rest of tropical countries.
    Had some nordic inspiration with this fly, I know payara, peacocks and several other species will love it.

    This is the recipe and instructions from my blog. Its all in spanish but took some cool pics of the process and I guess it wont be hard to follow.

    So cheers on the new year.
    Hope you like the fly. See you in 15 days.

    Here's the link

    View attachment 37161 View attachment 37161
  2. my Spanish is weak....but it did not seem to explain how you attached the eyes...
  3. sweet. be a good pike fly.
  4. About the eyes I say they are optional as they are lost easily with the first fish and basically because such pushing water head is moré than enough. What you can do with stick on eyes is cover them up with a thin coat of epoxy while keeping the round shape.
    What i do prefer is joining molded eyes with a burnt wire, zap a gap and some epoxy, tie them to the shank and tie the fly head.

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