Cool vid from N Umpqua

Discussion in 'Spey Clave' started by Nailknot, Dec 28, 2008.

  1. Very cool.:thumb:
  2. Oh man.........That gave me the Mondays really bad.

    The file is 91.3MB so if you don't have a smoking connection, right click and save as to your desktop to download and view later.
  3. Thanks for the video! Good stuff!
  4. Make sure you notice what he is using, which you will not see very often. Do not miss the all the flashes under what he is using also. Craig
  5. Captures why fishing the surface is so much fun. And why the N. Ump is a GREAT river.

  6. Interesting to see how many fish flash at the fly. Many unseen by the fisherman no doubt. He's putting a lot of action of the fly (mouse, gurgler, or?). In the last sequence looks like he follows with a wet fly on the straight swing for the hook-up.
  7. Great clip.

    I'd like to see how he was going to land that last fish. Given the fact I froze my butt off yesterday, I can only dream of chasing steelies in a short sleeve shirt.

  8. there is a readily accessible slackwater towards the tailout of "that pool" (unnamed, ok?) after you climb up and over the big boulder from which it was filmed.

    nice video, that one is, having been shot in Idaho and all.
  9. Damn that is a sick video.
  10. Absolutely mind blowing! WOW thats cool.
  11. That is about as cool as it gets!
  12. Excellent !

  13. Just trying to keep a worth while thread alive...the video that is. With all the bad weather I've saved this clip to my work computer and watch it more than a few times a day. Still amazed...can't wait for summer, AFS lines and dryflys! I've never seen anyone pop, skip and jerk a fly like that before...but I can sure see myself trying it now.

    Anyone else seen anything like this before?
  14. The guys that I fish with and I have been doing it for 20+ years. Nothing new here. A certain someone may lead you to believe it is new, and that he started it. Complete poppycock!!! I give him one thing though, he paid attention in his marketing class.

  15. Mark, thanks for piping in. So is there anything you can tell us about this technique that isn't illustrated in the clip?

    Thanks again, James.
  16. GM,

    Go out and mess around with it. Put some action on that puppy! I try to find a rhythm and keep that rhythmic pulse throughout the swing. It works well. You will find your own style when you mess around with it a bit. It can vary as the runs do.

    It's fun as heck too. Gives you something to do while you watch your fly. Don't yank it too hard because you may yank it right away from a fish. That's why a rhythmic pulse where a fish can zero in on it seems best. When it's real erratic you may get um up but they won't eat it cause you keep moving it too much. Kind of saw some of that in the video. That guy was kind of an erratic twitcher.

  17. Thanks Mark, looks fun. Come summer I'll bug ya some more for sure.


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