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  1. Had a terrifying experience last Wed. afternoon with my 5 month old Britany pup while chasing quail and chuckars along the Columbia north of Wenatchee. Pup started nosing a little hump with brush on it about three feet from where I was standing and suddenly jumped back. When I looked at what she was nosing, it was a small snake which on looking closer had three rattles on its tail. Grabbed the pup and disatched the snake and did a quick exam of the dog and found a small scratch on her lower lip. Not sure if it was a fang mark that just grazed the skin or a thorn scratch we headed for the vet office. Long story short, no swelling, no snake bite. Thank goodness the pup was quick, the snake small, and full of mouse. The weather had been cold that morning, around 40 degrees, and we were in the bottom of a very brushy draw that was cold at 4:eek:o pm. Snake are just not supposed to be out anymore so be careful still on the east side.
  2. That is really scary!! I've never seen one this time of year. Hopefully it was just a freak occurance.
  3. Dutchman,

    This is a little late in this thread, but I thank you for your warning. I hunt the Columbia area all the time for chukar and quail but I usually wait until Nov. 1st (or the first few freezes) to hunt the rimrock. The rattlers stay active for a lot longer than most of us think. Last weekend I hunted the YTC and the weekend before that I hunted the areas around Silica Road and the Palisades area, keeping my eyes and ears tuned for snakes. I didn't see any, which made me happy. I have seen snakes into November, and I know a guy who's setter was bitten on the nose in Robinson Canyon a few years back. The dog lived but was never the same. The nasal tissue was damaged and his vet had to cut away portions of the nose/nostril. That very same hunter was bitten himself at elevation in the Oak Creek area (Bethel Ridge). His Filson chaps took the bite and there was no puncture in his skin. Thus far, my biggest area of concern has always been the Umptanum Canyon, which seems to be Rattler-ville.

    Glad your pooch is ok.

  4. i actually got bit by a small rattler when i was 10yrs old. it happened on my dad's farm near the intersection of I-90 and Dodson rd in the basin. definitely not an experience i'd recommend to anyone
  5. Evan,

    Must have been a pretty nasty experience for 10 year old! I've seen quite a few snake trails in the dust and a couple of bull snakes at Beda, just off Dodson Rd. But no rattlers. My problem in that area always seems to be ticks:(

  6. i work out in easter washington in rattlesnake country all year. for the love of god, please wear thick pants and 8"inch boots no matter what the temps.

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