Cooper Lake

Discussion in 'Stillwater' started by Beckler, Jun 5, 2009.

  1. Hi everybody,

    I was thinking of checking out Cooper lake this weekend for the first time with a friend in from AZ and was wondering if there are any concerns about the road in. If I understand correctly the elevation is pretty high.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated,


  2. I can't say as I haven't been up there for awhile, but I'd call the local ranger around that area and pick their brain. They usually have good up to date info.
  3. Here the number for the ranger:
    Cle Elum Ranger District (509) 852-1100
  4. Went up to Cooper Lake several times last year (around this time). There were patches of snow on the ground, but the dirt road is wide and stable. Brownies in that lake. They were pretty skinny with snake heads in May/June (spring thaw). You will need a float tube or pontoon boat to fish it. I don't think motorized boats are allowed. Your bud from AZ will find it similar to the remote lakes in the White Mountains of AZ. Olive Willy worked for me.
  5. tried to make it in over memorial day weekend, snow on the road 8 trucks parked along the side and some had parked in the middle facing out. Our bad not knowing the area and potentionally actually lost est was 1-2 miles to go past there.
  6. Wow, excellent information from all. Thanks very much.

    Ferrule: I used to fish the White Mountain lakes all the time when I lived in Phoenix. That's where I hope to retire someday. Of course that is a long ways off! LOL! Thanks for the nice pic.

    Tight lines to all,

  7. so how was the fishing?
  8. We decided to save Cooper for another weekend. When I hit I will post a report though.

  9. the road to cooper is clear, i just drove up there to see if it was clear and went for a short hike along the river. i attached a photo of the lake from yesterday (6-15-09) of the lake
  10. Talked to someone who fished it saturday ,he said water was still cool 48 deg and very high lake level. With quite a current moving thru. No hook ups.
  11. My wife and I fished Cooper last Fri late in our tubes (after a Thunderstorm had rolled through) and then again early Sat morning. Started trolling an Olive Carey bugger. Nothing....but there were some fish hitting the surface. There was a small Chronomid hatch, so I switch to an E/C Caddis on top. Got a good solid hit right away, but of course I wasn’t ready and lost him. Saturday had more surface action, but the hatch was very small sized. Tried Chronos deep, but nothing. Water was cold. Went over to the Teanaway for redemption and caught a few small ones. Monster Thunderstorm Saturday afternoon! Off to the OK this weekend for the last float tube trip of the summer. After that, the rivers will be in shape until mid Oct and the alpine lakes will be open….Yea! Life is good. Float tubing>> into Stream wading>> into backpacking>> into Ski Season. Rinse and repeat. I just need to learn to fish the Salt someday to cover the Nov and April dry spells.

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