Copper John question

Discussion in 'Fly Tying' started by timlind, Dec 28, 2013.

  1. timlind Member

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    I have been tying up some various copper johns and been using Sally Hansen to coat the wing case and cant seem to get a nice tapered look. Is it the Sally Hansens or is it me?
  2. ScottP Active Member

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    Original CJ called for epoxy; I use UV Knotsense. Sally might be a bit thin for that application.

  3. Michael v.d.Bogert Active Member

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    I use the Bug-Bond. For me this works fine. There is a regular and a light version of this product.
  4. tkww Member

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    Are you referring to the rounded, almost bubble look of the coating on the top of the wing case? I am inclined to agree that the Hansen's might be too thin to stay in place before it dries. Have you tried turning it upside down while it's drying?
  5. timlind Member

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    thanks for the responses. will get some thicker stuff. Never tried upside down. My vise would put it at an angle and make it look worse than it already does
  6. Teenage Entomologist Gotta love the pteronarcys.

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    I use Devcon 5-Minute epoxy for all my flies.
  7. Norm Frechette Active Member

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    If you put a little hump in the wing case materials when tying them down behind the bead, Sally Hansen should work just fine