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  1. I', very intrigued by building my own rod. I have a 6 weight beach rod on my wishlist and thought that it would be fun and exciting to build my own. Assuming that I have none of the materials or tools, what would the average cost be to build a decent 9' 6 weight? Christmas is right around the corner....
  2. I'd check out either Cabelas, Anglers Warehouse or Feather-Craft. Actually I'd put Patrick's fly shop up first as they are local (for you). The prices should probably be the same no matter where you buy your kit, just a matter of who stocks what brand.
  3. im in the same boat, building my first glass rod this winter.
    So far, what i've come up with is the following
    $3.50 per half inch cork ring - x 20 = 70 (13 for the grip and i'm doing a cork reel seat
    Reel seat hardware ~$40
    Thread for wraps ~$5
    Other sundries (Epoxy etc) ~$20 (over estimated here)

    Rod turner and drier ~$100

    All in about $250, and that doesnt include the blank ($210)
  4. That cork sure is expensive these days. My first rod was $.10 per cork ring and I got to select the ones I wanted. I ended up with about $18 each in the first two rods I built. One was a true fiberglass and the next was an "s" glass. This was 1975-1979 era.
  5. It is crazy spendy to start out if your in it for the long haul. Your in it for only in it for a rod or two it is Very hard to beat Pacbays kits that they sell example: . You can get away with turning a rod by hand...... "Thousands have done so" and that will save you alot of money that is if you have the time to babysit the rod.
  6. I would not go all out on your first build. If your looking to build a beach rod, I would use EVA for your grip vs cork to save a lot of time and money. It also going to hold up better with the salt water. This is an example of that i'm talking about.

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  7. If you need some advise on a good blank or hardware let me know.
  8. As several other's have said, don't go overboard. Batson, Angler's, Hook & Hackle all have nice preformed cork, guides, reel seats, blanks. Pick your blank, components can vary from $50.-75., plus epoxy for guide wraps. A bar-B-Q motor for a turner, cost a buck or so, or turn by hand. Buy a kit or assemble it yourself, after you build the 1st just beware, it can become expensive like any other hobby.
  9. Agree with couleeflyfisher. Either call Tyler or call the guys from Hook & Hackle. H&H have complete kits for moderate prices, and if you want to build a salt water rod I'm sure they will swap out a salt-safe reel seat in place of the ones they come with.
  10. I haven't used a turner or rod wrapping jig for ten years. There are tons of great blanks for little money on the market, and all of the components can be found for good prices if you look around. It's possible to build a great rod for less than $100 these days. I'd be happy to share info if you wish to PM me.
  11. It's pretty easy to make your own wrapping jig. You dont need an electric turner. Two boards around 12" tall with some 3" deep V cuts in the tops that are glued down to another board that is the same width and about 18"-24" long works great for a jig. Turn it by hand. My first rod cost me around $150 including all my startup supplies.
  12. with the help of some guys here and a lot of reading, I'm at $115 before thread and epoxy/glue for what should be a nice rod assuming I don't screw it up. When I get to building I'll post a progress thread chronicling my attempt and difficulties
  13. Anglers Habitat has a nice selection of kits and when you compare their prices with the components they provide, I have yet to find a cheaper place. While I have what it takes to turn my own cork, it's much easier to buy a pre-made cork grip and use the Batson cork reamer set.

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