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Discussion in 'Watercraft' started by martyg, Apr 11, 2010.

  1. So the Costco pontoon boat in my local Costco seems like a killer deal at $250. I have a variety of craft from smaller WW pontoons to drift boats to center console motor boats, and was looking for a small boat to bump, scrape & drag down skinny summertime waters.

    There are probably a few of you who have this craft. Any thoughts or feedback? Thanks in advance.
  2. You get what you pay for!
  3. Get the damn thing and form your own opinion!
    Tom C.
  4. get it and teach a FOOL a lesson!
    I have one and it fished just fine this morning.
    Tom C
  5. I agree with TM in that you get what you pay for. I have heard to many horror stories about folks getting Costco pontoons and have them fail after just a little use. Sure you might get lucky and get lots of use out of it. Or maybe you only want it for occasional use or as a spare. However for long term or heavy use, I would suggest a better quality boat. There have been many problems with the overseas made frames on Costco boats.
  6. small boat to bump, scrape & drag down skinny summertime waters.

    Now that I'm a fool(tomc) bumping and scraping a cheap boat it wont last long.
  7. I once had a colorado 9 with which I had a lot of problems with the bladders. They were they duel bladder types and I had several failures in the seems. The bladders with only one compartment seem to hold up better.

  8. I bought a Costco toon last year. I've run the Bogie, the Duc, and screwed around in the lakes with it. I have had no problem with mine...yet. One thing I would really recommend is that if you get one pay attention to the oar locks. It seems that they were not too careful about their drilling of the hole in the bottom for the retaining pin. My buddy got one at the same time and while going down the Duc in the double rapids he popped a rock. His oar and the oar lock came out of the frame. From there the oar lock slid down the oar and was lost. It made for an interesting run down the rest of the rapid. Fortunately he made it through unscathed and lost a fair section of anchor rope lashing the oar to the frame so he could finish the run. About the only other modification I've made to it was a scotty rod holder. It's true you get what you pay for, but so far mine's working well for my needs. Good luck with whatever you decide to do.
  9. Popping an oar on a rock happens if you're not careful. In a good DB you might pin the oar into the bottom and have it push back into your chest launching you out of the boat. Every boat has its faults.
  10. I heard a few things about those toons. The straps that hold all the shit together rub on the bladders and should be protected in some way. Other wise they seem to be allright
  11. I was on the Methow last summer when a guy in a Costco pontoon had the boat break in two! He was with the Wenatchee fly club group and a couple guys helped him carry the pieces out to the road. Another friend and his wife have Costco pontoons and both have broken once, but the good thing is that you can get your money back or a new pontoon! Rick
  12. You might do a search. There was a thread a couple of years ago. Everyone seemed to think they were a great value. as the thread progressed a number of people started having problem. Frames and many leaky bladders. I opted for a better boat and am glad I did. There have been several good pontoon boots listed here for $350-550 range, would be worth looking at.
  13. Finfollower raises a good point. I also lost the securing ring without noticing on my oarlock on my toon. I was at Coldwater Lake in fairly deep water, lifted an oar and there went the oarlock. I now carry an extra lock and extra retaining pins. Those damn things don't paddle well with only one oar.
  14. Amen to that! I have them sitting in the same spot where I store my emergency duct tape.
  15. I have had one for 4 years now. I have made a few small modifications with the anchor system and had to fiddle with the oars but all in all it has been a good boat. It has made it to many a lake and down the Yak, Sky and Hoh. It does the job and I have been happy with it. Of course I do drool over the outcasts.
  16. I looked at the Costco pontoon boats three years ago. I opted to buy a different toon. I was in Costco last week with my wife. I noticed this season's pontoon boat was on display. I did not look at it closely but it was priced lower(now about $300 down from about $500) and looked less substantial than the pontoon I considered three years ago.

    If anyone has a more detailed comparison of previous Costco pontoons compared to this year's pontoon it would be of great value to this thread.
  17. Marty, pick up a used Bucks or Outcast for nearly the same money. They are much more durable. Heck if the Costco pontoon fails while you're on the river or out in the middle of the lake, heck, it's only you're life! That's worth another hun or two to the Costco price.
  18. This years costco is the worst one yet..... buy it .... test drive it and return if needed.

    If anything it will be an expensive upgrade from a cheap ass float tube..... that is about all.

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