Could SRC fishing Get Any Better

Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by Beachmen, Feb 12, 2013.

  1. i have been out fishing for SRC's and its has been steller. Espetially with all the color the fish have been getting. Some of them have had some golden yellow covering them for their spawning. the have been very beautiful fish. all on bright colors and euphasids. some how the first fish jumped and flipped so much he rapped himseld in the leader. after a fast unrapping we was release and full of life on his swim back to open waters. Purdy, SRC, Steelhead Orange Clouser feb. 2 (2).JPG Purdy, SRC, Rabbit Chin Euphasid, Clouser feb. 2 (2).JPG
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  2. OK, that did it. Scr@w my arm! This friday the weather and Salish Sea tides are looking good!
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  3. i know the feeling. in september and october i was in a full leg brace. for a dislocated knee. it did not stop me from tryign to fish the Clearwater in late september hahahahha. good luck.
  4. Wow, that's a nice fish! I need to get all the chores done and get out on the beaches!!!
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  5. Steady, boys; steady... You'll get there, rig up, and it'll be like "DUDE... You shoulda been here YESTERDAY!!!!" But I hope it stays decent for another two weeks!!
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  6. "Could SRC fishing get any better", Why yes it could.... and it will. In fact it will get much better, so don't worry Alex
    it could be even better in two weeks. NIce cutt's Beachman.
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  7. I love the chum fry feeding frenzy! Looking forward to that soon. Also, nice little fly there, you got a name/recipe for that? I like how the pink is translucent. Would probably be killer in white too.
  8. Its is killer in white and orange. I have it on youtube. Look up BeachMen Thomas. I just posted it. Its called Euphosid craze
  9. that fly is sweet...
  10. Did you watch the video?

  11. I watched the vid. Pretty cool patterns. Thanks for sharing ..
  12. We gotta get out there and sore-mouth some savvy into all these fish before Alex gets here!:D We don't want it to be too easy for him.
  13. Yeah! We don't want to let those Bavarian village poseurs rustling our fish!!! J/K, Alex! ;)
  14. No peoblem guys.

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