Couple mounted salmon flies.

Discussion in 'Fly Tying' started by S Fontinalis, Mar 27, 2013.

  1. S Fontinalis Active Member

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    Got these little table top mounts in the mail and put two of my best salmon flies in them.
    Flies have been posted previously, just want to show you guys how they look in the mount.
    Mounts are from Feathermc for those interested - I've been inundated with requests for info about them (and the flies too as it happens)!;)


    Rosy Dawn
  2. GAT Active Member

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    Well, okay... that's how you're supposed to display the patterns...
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  3. troutdopemagic Active Member

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    That is really, really cool. Are they air tight?
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  4. Mark Mercer Member

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    Those look really good Eunan....It's nice to see them mounted instead of in a plastic box! Ha! I've seen the displays before and thought about getting some myself but haven't got around to it. I have a couple of really cool shadow boxes I need to stick some flies in as well but it's almost as much work as tying the damn flies in the first place.
    Now that I see them with flies in them....they look pretty cool.
  5. S Fontinalis Active Member

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    wouldnt think it. the lids just click in to place.